Taliban hang three 'criminals' from diggers as brutality returns to war-torn Afghanistan

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES Images of the bodies were shared on social media showing the bodies being lifted into the air and left by the necks of the raised arms of two excavators.

People watched and photographed from below as the bodies were lifted into the air (

Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Terrifying new images from Afghanistan show the bodies of three suspected criminals who were hung on excavators by the Taliban.

The three men were killed by another man when they entered his home in Obe District, Herat Province, northwest of the country, Deputy Governor Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Muhajir said.

Graphic images of the bodies were shared on social media showing the bodies being lifted into the air and dangled by the raised arms of two excavators while people below watch and take photos.

Tuesday’s gruesome account builds on concerns raised by the Taliban returned to their brutal ways last seen when they were in control of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

This was despite claims that the group had changed from their hard line in the 20 years in exile.

The militant group wanted “no internal or external enemies,” the leaders stressed and promised that there would be no violence against women.



AFP via Getty Images)

At the Taliban’s first press conference in August, the group claimed that it was not seeking revenge and that all those who worked with the West had been forgiven, promised to respect women’s rights within the norms of Islamic law, and made vows not to house anyone targeting other nations.

But just a few days after these claims Reports circulated Afghan children are beaten by Taliban fighters at checkpoints. Weeks later, disgusting footage originated when an Afghan soldier was killed by the Taliban and his severed head was held by his hair.

According to Mail Online, the latest images spread when the rights group Amnesty International alleged that the Taliban illegally killed 13 ethnic Hazara, most of whom were Afghan soldiers who surrendered to the insurgents.

Taliban fighters parade along a street to celebrate after the US withdrew all of its troops from Afghanistan


AFP via Getty Images)

The murders took place in the village of Kahor in Kaykunda province in central Afghanistan, Amnesty said.

Eleven of the victims were members of the Afghan security forces. The other two were civilians; one a 17 year old girl.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s official traveled to war-torn Afghanistan to meet with Taliban leaders for the first time since the chaotic fall of Kabul.

The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Sir Simon Gass, sat down with the group to discuss the country’s humanitarian crisis.

The top diplomat also told them that it is their duty to see that the nation does not revert to a terrorist haven.

The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Sir Simon Gass, met with the Taliban to discuss the country’s humanitarian crisis



Foreign Office officials said Sir Simon stressed the need for another safe passage for Afghans who had helped the British mission that wanted to leave.

And he highlighted the treatment of women and girls after the Taliban effectively excluded girls from secondary education by ordering that high schools should be reopened only to boys.

The talks represent a significant development as they suggest that the UK’s efforts to help thousands more people leave the country remain a priority.

The Taliban have taken control since the fall of the West-backed government in August following the chaotic withdrawal of US and British troops.

Britain does not intend to recognize the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan in the near future.

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