Taliban soldiers 'teargas and beat bloody' a group of women's rights protesters

Footage has emerged that appears to show a group of women screaming and coughing as regime forces swarmed the area with guns

Kabul: Taliban clash with women’s rights activists

Protesters were reportedly beaten and beaten with tear gas by Taliban soldiers during chaotic scenes in Kabul.

Footage has emerged that appears to show a group of women screaming and coughing as regime forces swarmed the area with guns.

The soldiers reportedly fired their weapons in the air before using tear gas on the women and beating some of the protesters.

Witnesses spoke of chaotic scenes and some claimed that the militants beat the “women bloody”.

The Taliban claimed they had “no choice” but to use tear gas on the predominantly female gathering after it got “out of control”.

Tear gas was reportedly used against a group of women’s rights protesters

They had marched to the presidential palace and were not allowed to come any closer, and Taliban special forces were using tear gas.

Several of the women were reportedly detained by the Taliban during the weekend rally, the latest protest against Kabul after the Taliban took control last month.

One witness alleged that they also used tasers to persuade the women to flee.

Witnesses described chaotic scenes and beatings

The protester, who gave her name as Soraya, told Reuters that the militants had “hit women on the head with a gun magazine” and “the women were bloody”.

Tolo news Protesters reportedly alleged that the Taliban “attacked” them with tear gas and that some of them were beaten.

Abdulhaq Imad, a media activist, said: “The protesters moved towards the Presidential Palace, Foreign Ministry and Sedarat Palace, all of which are in the safe zone and no one is allowed to enter these areas.

The Taliban said they had no choice but to use tear gas

“The Taliban tried many times to stop them, but eventually they had to stop the women from moving towards the palace.”

Azita, a journalist, told the publication: “25 years ago when the Taliban came to Kabul, they prevented me from going to school.

“I have studied for the last 20 years after the fall of the Taliban and have worked for a better future. I will not lose this achievement.”

It was the last protest that hit the city

The protests took place in Kabul and Herat and are believed to have been triggered after the Taliban declared that women would not be able to hold high-level positions in the future government of Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid reportedly said the organizers did not coordinate the protest with them.

Many women fear a return to the way they were treated from 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban were in power. Women were forced to cover their faces outdoors, and minor violations were severely punished.


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