Tanden to highlight her reliance on food stamps, public assistance during confirmation remarks

“At school, I remember being the only child in the cafeteria who used ten-cent vouchers from the free lunch program,” she will testify. “Within a few years my mother found a job and a few years later she could soon buy a house and eventually take her kids to college and beyond. I spend every day of my life grateful for a nation and government that trusted my mother and me – that invested in our humanity and gave me a fair shot to realize my potential. “

Republican criticism: While Tanden is likely to find an easier avenue of confirmation now that the Democrats have a narrow Senate majority, she is almost certain to face difficult questions from Republicans about her role as a longtime partisan attorney with a public history of criticizing the GOP in the United States social media. Now President and CEO of the Center for American Progress, Tanden will recognize the distinction between serving as leader of the liberal think tank and the position Biden nominated for one of the best public servants in the country.

“In the past few years, being a passionate lawyer has been part of my role. I do understand, however, that the role of OMB Director requires bipartisan action and impartial compliance with facts and evidence,” she will say Conviction that our government should serve all Americans vigorously enforce – regardless of party – in every corner of the country. “

Democrats are likely to shower Tanden with questions about transparency in the agency after four years of Trump administration’s budgetary actions, which often broke precedents and proved legally dubious, while Democrats’ requests for information often went unanswered.

Stakeholder support: Democrats are also expected to highlight the outside groups that advocate validating tanden. A committee member noted that Tanden “has received widespread support from interest groups, including the US Chamber of Commerce, because she believes she is well qualified to serve families, small businesses, the elderly and other Americans.”

In a statement to the committee prior to the confirmation hearing, the Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Liaison Officer to Congress said the group supported their confirmation and that “while we do not always agree with Ms. Tanden, we assume that she will have an open door and openness as a director. “

“MS. Tanden is well qualified to lead OMB and has a long history of engagement with the business community,” wrote Jack Howard on behalf of the country’s largest lobby group. “MS. Tanden has proven to be a frequent partner and collaborator, especially on international trade issues. Your willingness to consider different perspectives will be important in formulating the budget and policy proposals for the Biden administration. “

What’s next: Tanden will also appear before the Budget Committee on Wednesday morning. Both bodies must approve their nominations before the Senate Chairs can vote on a vote.

If Tanden is confirmed as director of OMB, he will play a central role in the Biden government’s tax and regulatory response to the country’s health and economic crises.

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