Taylor Swift Gave Some Fans $3,000 Each to Help Them Through Coronavirus-Related Issues

Taylor Swift delivers on her promise to focus on “what’s really important right now” by surprising fans struggling with the coronavirus with money.

Instead of responding to Kim Kardashian’s latest blows about the leaked “Famous” appeal, Swift reaches out to his fans when needed. At least two Swifties, Samantha Jacobson and Holly Turner, ended up with an additional $ 3,000 in their bank accounts, courtesy of their idol, to help them solve their tax problems related to coronaviruses.

Jacobson, a cocktail server at Disney World who is unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been a big fan of the star since 2006. “I so wish I could donate to the link provided by Taylor [in her Instagram Story] but because of COVID-19, my job, my only source of income, is closed for a minimum of 30 days, “she wrote on a Tumblr article on Tuesday March 24.” I have no job, no income, no way to pay my rn bills. If someone can make a donation and is committed to doing so, all that is really useful for invoices right now. “

Even though she didn’t even tag the superstar, Swift contacted her directly on Twitter. “I saw your tweet being stressed by the accumulation of bills and I want to help,” said Swift in the DM. “What is the best way to give yourself $ 3,000?”

On Wednesday, March 25, the money was added to Jacobson’s account by Taylor Nation, LLC. “I love you buddy, I send you a hug 🤗 Taylor,” said the note.

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Turner, another Tumblr user who is struggling as a photographer in the music industry due to the pandemic, tweeted a similar bank notification from Swift on March 25. “I published an article on Tumblr on how I was afraid that I could not stay in New York because of what Corona had done to the music industry,” she tweeted. “@ taylorswift13 literally saved me the ability to stay here. I can’t even believe my eyes right now.”

Keep an eye on your MDs, Taylor Swift fans.


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