Teacher struck off after allegedly having sex with pupil at Premier Inn

A PE teacher who is alleged to have “slept” with a pupil after a graduation party has been struck off.

Melissa Tweedie, 27, is now working as a yoga instructor in Dubai.

The now 27 year old was accused of having sex with an 18-year-old pupil on prom night at a Premier Inn hotel when she was aged 23.

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She was accused of spending the night with the teen boy.

GlasgowLive reports she was judged unfit to teach by a panel after the incident in June 2017.

She was spotted dancing inappropriately with pupils and taking shots with them at the bar, according to the Daily Record.

The teen told the teaching regulator this week that the pair had sex after he drank wine, gin, beer and shots.

Miss Tweedie denied the allegations.

But the headteacher rushed to the scene of the alleged incident after getting a frantic call from concerned students.

The pupil who was in the room said he had slept with her during a chat with the head the next day.

Ms Tweedie later admitted to investigators that she woke up in bed with the pupil.

She claims she may have been spiked.

Speaking on behalf of the panel, Arthur Stewart said: “It is the view of the panel that the teacher has fallen significantly short of the standards and therefore is unfit to teach.

“As Miss Tweedie has been found unfit to teach the panel must direct that Miss Tweedie’s name be removed from the General Teaching Council from Scotland’s register.”

A statement from Miss Tweedie at the time read: “I saw what appeared to be a bag of cocaine waved in my face, it was highly alarming and that is why I did not go home with my flatmate.

“I should have walked back to tell the other staff and I should have called the police.

“Pupils were saying ‘Miss, come upstairs for a drink, it’ll only be one.’

Teacher struck off after allegedly having sex with pupil at Premier Inn 1

“I was given one glass of Echo Falls white wine by a girl.

“The next part that is clear is jolting up in the bed, I can’t see any face in my memory but I woke up and said ‘what are you doing here?'”

Education manager for Renfrewshire Council Susan Bell told the GTCS: “She (Miss Tweedie) had come to the conclusion that her drink had been spiked and that she would not have engaged in sexual intercourse as it was her time of the month.

“She didn’t feel she had been inappropriate at the prom, others didn’t agree but my understanding was that she felt she had been having appropriately.

“When she mentioned the drugs it was totally out of left field, nobody else had mentioned that, I was knocked sideways and had to think on my feet how to move.

“I thought it sounded ludicrous and I had to consider all the facts and that is what I was doing.”

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