Teachers in with a 'good shout' of being next in line for Covid jab

Teachers have a “good reputation” for being at the top of the coronavirus vaccine priority list once the most clinically vulnerable people have received their bumps, the UK health minister said.

Matt Hancock said breaking the chains of transmission is important, but those at greatest risk of death need to be protected first.

It follows reports of proposals for mass vaccination programs for educational staff in the semester of February.

According to the Daily Mail, the proposal was prepared by a number of educational institutions and would not cost the government any costs.

On Sunday, Hancock said on Sky’s Sophy Ridge: “It’s not about logistics, the logistics can be organized.

“The challenge is delivering vaccines, supply is the rate-limiting factor.

“The question is who should be given each dose when it comes … and we rightly made the decision to take them in order of clinical need, starting with those most likely to die from the disease.

“Of course we want to break the chains of transmission, but we also have to prevent people from dying of the disease if they get it.”

“We go through those who are clinically vulnerable … and after that there is a perfectly reasonable debate about who should go next and in what order.

“Teachers have a good reputation for being at the top of the list and these discussions continue.”

The Sunday Times said Education Secretary Gavin Williamson would rule out a return to the classroom after the February halftime break and prepare parents for an extended period of home schooling.

As recently as Thursday, Williamson said he hoped schools could reopen before Easter, although Downing Street specifically declined to endorse his comments.

Mr Hancock added that while he was hoping schools in England could reopen by Easter, it would depend on the level of infection in the community at that time.

“We have to look at the data, we have to look at the effects of the vaccination program,” he said.

“The Secretary of Education (Gavin Williamson) has stated that we will make sure schools are given two weeks notice. I don’t know if it will be then or before. We have to watch the data. “


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