TeamSpeak 5.0 Is Available On The Windows 11 Store With News

Team talk: The latest version of the Team talk game communication app has been added to the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. The service on the new OS is actually the closed beta of the 5.0 app, which is also available for Windows 10, but must be pre-registered to purchase. access keys.

According to the company, when the new Team talk becomes available in “open beta”, a download link on the “old” operating system will be provided on the site.

“Test the new TeamSpeak exclusively on Windows 11 and take advantage of the new clean voice chat to communicate between platforms with latency-free performance and unparalleled reliability,” the service description reads.

Under the new TeamSpeak’s offer, the interface of the program has been renewed; speech functions such as multitrack recording and filters to suppress noise are also provided. On the text side, the program offers global chats with end-to-end encryption and no membership limits.

Disclosure/TeamSpeak The new messenger will also be compatible with previous variants, allowing users to access old servers. “To adjust Team talk to meet your personal needs with scripts, plugins, themes and sounds. The possibilities are limitless. The choice is yours,” the company concludes.

The software in the new store enables conversations within servers, with the customer still requiring a closed beta access key to experience global chat features; the company did not specify which tools are locked.

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