Technology is keeping coaches, athletes connected in time of social distancing

“Hey, can you see me?”

“Do you eat cereal?”

“It’s Denzel.”

“Miss you.”

Those were among the lines created during the first moments of a Zoom video conference with Garfield football coaches.

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Now that schools are closed, the fields are closed, and social distance measures are in full effect, coaches and athletes are using technology to keep in touch.

“We try to distance ourselves, but stay connected,” said David Rebibo, Harvard-Westlake basketball coach, who uses Zoom and Google Classroom to relay training sessions and keep in touch with his players.

For many, video is certainly better than a conference call.

“We get to see who does pushups and who doesn’t,” Rebibo said. “We’re just looking at their arms.”

You will also see who is trying to grow a beard.

“I saw two mustaches,” said El Camino Real baseball coach Josh Lienhard after a Zoom conference last week with his 19 players.

Zoom can be very useful for football staff who cannot meet their players in April and May, when conditioning and offensive and defensive actions usually take place.

Garfield coach Lorenzo Hernandez would hold his first Zoom video conference on Monday with his team’s attacking and defending players. He has access to various virtual backgrounds to get his players working.

Hernandez held his first Zoom meeting with coaches this week, trying to advise on how to keep pushing players to stay focused on their online studies and stay in shape.

“Remember, it’s not about the fruit,” he said. “It comes after. Let’s keep watering. “

If schools remain closed and fields and weights remain unavailable, coaches are expected to rely more and more on technology to keep in touch with players.

Zoom becomes one of the favorite platforms. You can have maximum 100 participants for 40 minutes for free. Hernandez said he paid a monthly fee of $ 14.99 that allowed up to 100 people to participate in a conference video over an extended period of time. The host sends a computer link and can see all of it online.

“This is my fourth time and it’s pretty cool,” said Hernandez.

With large social gatherings outside the borders, video conference is something that embraces the sports world and could stay here.

Hernandez said that instead of having coaches come to school on a Sunday in the fall, he might use Zoom so they can do business from home.

“When social distance is done, you do less, but maybe coaches do Conference Zoom instead of conference calls,” said Rebibo.

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