Teen chokes to death on vomit during theme park ride as family beg operator to stop

It was alleged that teenage girl Zeynep Gunay vomited during the kamikaze ride and died because vomit blocked her airway.

The last picture of Zeynep Gunay, 19, with her relatives (

Image: Newsflash)

A teenage girl died of her own vomit while driving at the theme park called “Kamikaze” while the operator ignored requests from the family to stop, they claimed.

Reports of the horror incident suggest 19-year-old Zeynep Gunay passed out while driving and was pronounced dead after being hospitalized.

It was alleged that the teenager vomited during the kamikaze ride and died because vomit blocked her airway.

Her family said they could see Zeynep, who wanted to become a psychologist, was in distress and had repeatedly asked the operator to stop the drive.

However, they claim that their requests were ignored.

Zeynep Gunay, 19, died after riding the Kamakaze



Zeynep’s family claim the teenager died of negligence



The teenage girl was taken to hospital in an ambulance that her family said they had to call themselves because officials at the Hayrola Luna Park amusement park in Istanbul’s Avcilar district did not take the situation seriously.

When the girl stopped responding, her uncle Fatih Gunay told her to “hit two or three times” and that she would wake up.

The uncle added that his niece died of negligence and that she “would do anything” to obtain justice.

It is currently unclear whether the family has already filed a formal complaint with the authorities and whether their claims are being investigated by the police.

The swing ride called ‘Kamikaze’ in the amusement park Hayrola Luna



According to reports from Haberler, Zeynep’s grieving father, M. Emin Günay, who lost one of his five children, spoke to local media after burying his daughter in the Beylikduzu cemetery.

“We have been hurt, don’t let others get hurt,” he said.

“My daughter was very successful, she learned day and night. Her goal was to become a good psychologist. “

Zeynep had reportedly secured the results she needed for her desired university course.

The swing ride called ‘Kamikaze’



Earlier this year, The Mirror reported that a Women died during one Roller coaster ride at an Indiana amusement park after she ruptured an artery and suffered internal bleeding, an autopsy revealed.

Dawn Jankovic, 47, was born on Jan.

The Ohio woman received local treatment before being rushed to the hospital, where she later died.

After an autopsy, Dubois County coroner Katie Schuck said the three causes of death were a combination of internal bleeding, artery rupture and the power of the roller coaster.

The coroner said, “It had nothing to do with the drive itself, but it was basically just the force. It was just your body’s reaction to the drive.”


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