Teen killer who stuffed mum's body into suitcase released early for good behaviour

Heather Mack was released from Kerobokan Prison in Bali, where she spent six years helping her boyfriend kill her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack

The “suitcase killer” Heather Mack has been released from prison (

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An American who has been referred to as a “suitcase killer” and stuffed her mother’s body into a suitcase has been released from prison after six years in prison.

Heather Mack was jailed with her boyfriend in 2015 for helping kill her mother and putting the remains in a suitcase on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Acclaimed by reporters, Mack left Kerobokan Prison in Bali early Friday.

The gruesome case attracted worldwide attention in 2014 after Mack, then only 18 years old, went on vacation with her mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack and her boyfriend at the time, Tommy Schaefer.

Schäfer killed Sheila by beating her to death with a bowl of fruit, and then both of them stuffed her blood-stained body into a suitcase and threw it into the back of a taxi.

They were found days later by police in Bali while they were hiding in another hotel after they were on the run.

Mack was imprisoned at the age of 19


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Schaefer carried out the murder in a rage after an argument – but it was something the couple had been planning for some time, according to Mack.

The daughter, who was pregnant when she committed the heinous crime, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and given birth in prison.

She was allowed to raise her daughter in prison until she was two years old when the little girl was taken to a local woman who brought her on weekly visits to see her mother behind bars.

She was released early for good conduct


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Schäfer was sentenced to 18 years in prison for premeditated murder.

Kerobokan prison chief for female inmates, Lili, said Friday that Mack had received a 34-month suspended sentence for good behavior.

She said Mack was religious and participated in fashion and dance activities while in prison.

Attorney Yulius told AFP in August that Mack would be deported to the United States after her release.

Whether she wants to go is another matter.

Mack with her mom Chicago socialite Sheila von Weise Mack


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During her time inside, she talked the daily mail : “The people are nicer and it’s better and safer than at home. I came in back there with a bad crowd.

“That sounds terrible and it’s tight. But everyone takes care of each other, nobody goes hungry.”

It’s not clear if Mack is immediately reunited with her daughter.

The case of Mack and Schaefer was investigated by Indonesian authorities together with the US Federal Criminal Police Office for four months.

Mack raised her child in prison for two years


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In the hotel, Wiese-Mack’s body was found with bruises on its arms and broken fingers.

Evidence presented to the court included CCTV footage of Schaefer and Mack speaking to a taxi driver after dropping the bloody suitcase.

Mack and her mother had a strained relationship, and von Wiese-Mack had frequently reported that her daughter had beaten and bitten her, according to police reports quoted by the Chicago media.

Forced to share her cell with 21 other women, she befriended British drug smuggler grandma Lindsay Sandiford, who is awaiting execution by firing squad for trying to bring 2 million pounds of cocaine into Indonesia.

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