Teen saves girl, 11, from stranger who was claiming to be 'dad's mate'

A teenager bravely stepped in to prevent a stranger from speaking to an 11-year-old girl after lying about being her father’s “companion”.

On her way home from school, 15-year-old Emma Carlile from Wallasey in the northwest saw the stranger approach a child.

He told her, “I’m your father’s boyfriend, don’t you remember me? I’ve been to your house before.”

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After hearing that the girl is confused Liverpool echo reports that Emma intervened bravely.

The stranger said to the 11-year-old when she tried to pull her cell phone out of her pocket: “No, you don’t have to call anyone, you know who I am, I’m your father’s friend.”

Emma’s father Rik explained, “She called the first name that came to mind and said, ‘Hey Bethany! Dad will come home from police training tonight ‘.

“Apparently the girl looked at her and just opened her eyes wide as if she wanted to say thank you. She said she looked scared. “

Emma said that as soon as she started yelling at the girl, the man quickly went to Wallasey Village station.

The man was described as about six feet tall with short gray hair and stubble, tall in stature, wearing a green T-shirt and black pants.

Dad Rik continued, “When you talk to Emma about it, she’s really blasé and I could tell she was feeling uncomfortable.

“I told her again this morning you could have saved this girl’s life, you just don’t know.”

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “We received 15th arm for her yesterday, Tuesday.

“A teenager approached the couple and spoke to the woman and the man walked off towards the train station.

“Neither the female nor the male were identified at this point.”


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