Teen shares safety tips for women that 'could literally save a life'

A teen went viral after sharing a number of potentially life-saving tips for protecting women and girls, including when to never wear a ponytail.

TikToker Spencer Barbosa from Canada shared a number of practical ways women can protect themselves, from what to do on social media to what to do if they feel like they are being followed.

“These are personal safety tips that could literally save your life,” said the 18-year-old in a clip shared on TikTok, adding, “You need to know that.”

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Spencer began by stating that, statistically, there are more attacks in stairwells than in elevators. So if you’re ever in doubt about whether to take the elevator or the stairs, always opt for the elevator, reports the mirror.

“Stop leaving your car keys right outside the front door when you enter the house, that’s not a good idea,” she added.

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“It’s a really good idea to keep your car key on your bedside table. If something happens at night, you can grab your car key, press your panic button and the alarm goes off.”

Spencer’s next tip is sure to surprise some people since so many of us wear our hair in a ponytail every day, but she says we should never put our hair in a ponytail while running.

“It’s so pathetic for me to say this, but don’t wear your hair in a ponytail when you’re jogging, it’s so easy to grab you and pull you down on the floor,” the teen explained.

“Don’t share too much on social media. I see so many young girls sharing their locations and telling people that they are home alone but don’t do it. “

She continued, if you are out and about and you feel like someone is following you, you should turn around so they can see your face.

“One group of rapists interviewed said that the target becomes less attractive to them after they see their face,” said Spencer.

Finally, she suggested that women and girls arm themselves with a mini-bottle of hairspray because it is legal to carry it around and “will hurt a hell of a lot if you spray it in someone’s eyes”.


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