Teen stowaway miraculously survives 250-mile flight from London to Netherlands

A blind teenager defied the chances of surviving a 250-mile flight from London to the Netherlands – and clung to it as the plane hit 19,000 feet.

The 16-year-old boy was found next to the landing gear of a plane that landed at Maastricht Airport before being rushed to hospital yesterday.

The young man, who is considered a Kenyan, was found on a flight from London Stansted and reportedly had severe hypothermia Dutch news.

It is probably a cargo journey by Turkish Airlines with an Airbus A330. reports my London – which came from Nairobi via Istanbul.

A Stansted Airport spokesman said the plane originally flew from Kenya to Turkey and then on to Stansted before heading to Maastricht.

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They added that there was nothing to suggest the teen got on the plane in the UK.

The Dutch royal Marechaussee – a police Branch of the Dutch Armed Forces – said on Twitter it was investigating the possibility of people smuggling related to the stowaway.

A spokesman for Maastricht Aachen Airport said the boy was lucky enough to have survived the trip.

He said Netherland News Live : “He was extremely lucky to survive this.”

Most of the stowaways hidden in the lower part of the wheel either freeze to death or fall from hiding places during the flight.


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