Teen took own life 20 minutes after telling mum 'don't wash my trousers, I'll need them tomorrow'

A “happy and bright” teenage girl took her own life after receiving acne medication, an investigation said.

Annabel Wright was taking Roaccutane for her acne when she died.

Her devastated and grieving mother and father believe their deaths were related to acne medication she took months earlier.

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Her mother, Helen Wright, told a Northallerton, North Yorkshire investigation that her daughter had shown no signs of depression and that her death “just made no sense”.

Annabel was found dead in her bedroom just 20 minutes after speaking to her father, Simon Wright.

Annabel saw her family doctor for her acne at age 12 and was later referred to a dermatologist at Harrogate District Hospital at 14.

Ms. Wright said she raised the suicide issue as a possible side effect on her first hospital appointment in October 2018 when the doctor suggested Roaccutane.

Ms. Wright told the exam that the doctor told her that people could kill themselves because they were depressed about their acne.

She said, “And Annabel wasn’t. She wasn’t depressed about her skin.”

Ms. Wright said, “If you sit across from an expert in your field and they tell you, ‘It could be argued that children are depressed because of their acne,’ it affects your thinking.”

She added, “I didn’t realize that suicidal thoughts can overcome a perfectly normal person.”

“It never occurred to me that it could be because of the drug,” she said.

“I was on the lookout for depression and low spirits with Annabel and thought that was a harbinger of what eventually happened, but it wasn’t.”

Annabel’s father, Simon Wright added, “We thought it was just silliness and serious conversation followed by some love and affection was all that was required.”

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Ms. Wright said, “It just didn’t make sense. Why would anyone move from total joy to suicide?”

She added, “It came over her in a wave, I’m sure of it.”

Ms. Wright continued, “There was nothing to suggest that she had anything planned.

“Your last words to me were ‘Don’t wash my pants, I’ll need them tomorrow’.”

Mr. Wright said he had “a daily, normal conversation” with his daughter on the night of her death.

He said, “I would have known if she was excited or crying. It just was nothing.”

Mr. Wright told the investigation that he believed Annabel’s death was related to Roaccutane.

He said, “There were no precursors to depression, mood swings, morose or anything like that.

“Annabel was Annabel and so I believe it was connected.”

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