Teenager undergoes six-hour op after copying trend on TikTok

A Liverpool teenager underwent six hours of surgery after copying a dangerous TikTok trend.

The girl, 13, had to have her appendix and part of her intestines removed because she swallowed 15 ball bearings.

The dangerous trend is to put magnets on either side of the tongue to create the appearance of a piercing.

The girl’s mother, Faye Elizabeth of Rainhill, told this Liverpool echo that her daughter had complained of stomach ache and was starting to vomit.

She said, “The pain was getting worse, so I took her to Whiston Hospital. They thought it might have been their attachment first.

“Then they ruled that out, thinking it might have been gastroenteritis, until she started vomiting black stuff.

“They did a scan and found 10 of the bearings.”

The teenager was taken to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where the surgeons removed all 15 magnetic beads from her internal organs.

She has a six-inch scar and is still recovering in the hospital.

Ms. Elizabeth said, “They had to take away part of their bowels and sew them back together. There was one in their appendix so they had to remove it.”

“I don’t know when she swallowed it because she didn’t admit it at first. I think she was a little scared to admit what she did.

“Apparently she saw a TikTok video that says there’s a trend that all kids are doing right now.

“I didn’t really see it, but she told me about it and a lot of other kids her age saw it.

“You put one of the pearls on top of your tongue and one under it and it looks like your tongue has been pierced.

“And then she saw one where they put a large pearl in the side of your cheek and put small pearls on your cheek, and you move them with your tongue so they move on your face.

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“They’re magnets, but because they’re so small, they’re easy to swallow.”

The teen will need to stay in the hospital for a week or two while he or she recovers from the surgery.

Ms. Elizabeth says she has never seen her daughter so strongly and is now warning other parents to be aware of the consequences of the dangerous trend.


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