Teen's eczema so bad he asked to be put in an induced coma

WARNING: Contains disturbing pictures

A desperate mother asks for a miracle cure for her teenage son’s debilitating eczema – so bad he has to be put into an induced COMA.

Miranda Rae, 50, said son Barney, 14) felt like his skin was constantly burning and scratching itself until it was covered in blood to stop the itching.

The poor chap is scheduled to start 10th grade this month, even though it was horrific to even wear a school uniform over his cracked body.

Single mom Miranda said she tried bandaging Barney’s skin to relieve his pain, but he can’t help but tear off the bandages while he sleeps.

Miranda from Bristol said: “One night he came into my room and was bleeding from head to toe.

“He shivered and said, ‘I can’t believe I did this to myself’.

“Now he’s scared of sleeping because he ends up scratching himself when he sleeps.

“He’s bleeding with cuts and pus all the time. It’s constant, there’s not a second of relief.”

Barney has had eczema since he was four, but last October the condition worsened, forcing the teen to his lowest point.

Miranda said, “The worst thing was when he said he wanted to go into an artificial coma because the pain was so intense.

“I keep telling him: ‘It’s not your fault’.

“He has no life. His life is crippled. Even wearing clothes hurts him.

“He can’t even put water on his skin because it feels like fire.

“He can’t do sports because he can’t sweat.

“It’s heartbreaking to see him go through this. I would do anything to fix it. “

Doctors can’t find a cure for Barney’s condition and his eczema even spread to his face last June after trying a recommended emollient spray.

Miranda, a radio host, said, “After taking the new drug, it looked like acid had been injected into his face.

“We must have tried 50 different creams in the last year and each one felt like fire on his skin.

“We are in this terrible situation where nothing works.

“You can see he’s really bothered, but he’s brave and I’m incredibly proud of him.”

Barney is currently on a daily dose of a steroid called prednisolone, but its powerful side effects – which caused his waist balloon to grow 40 inches wide – means it’s unsustainable.

The steroid reduced the eczema on Barney’s face, but Miranda said he was completely dependent on the drug and still had a severe rash on his neck.

He also takes dupilumab, a £ 24,000-a-year drug that the NHS will prescribe to Barney every 14 days following appeals from his mother and doctor.

However, Miranda said the drug does not have to prove effective in the fight against eczema just yet.

She is raising £ 20,000 for private treatment to properly diagnose Barney’s condition and find a cure for him.

Miranda has already raised £ 12,000 – some of which has been used to buy Barney air conditioning for the hot weather if his condition worsens.

The donation page can be found here.

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