Teens squirting 'free sanitiser' at supermarket were using superglue

A shopper issued a warning after a group of teenagers standing outside a supermarket nearly sprayed superglue on their hands.

The woman says she approached the store when a group of teenagers offered her “hand sanitizer” from a bottle, reports YorkshireLive.

But she became suspicious and refused. Then she discovered that it was actually superglue.

The boys approached various shoppers to offer them free splashes from the branded hand sanitizer bottle.

Kathy Smith said she almost accepted it and had no doubt that the boy with the bottle would have splashed it on her hands if she held it out, but she stopped when some of the group laughed.

“The boy came up to me and showed me the bottle of ‘disinfectant’ and asked if I would like a free pump,” she said.

“He waited eagerly for me to hold out my hand with a massive smile on his face.

“They all started laughing. I asked,” What’s in the bottle? “He said ‘disinfectant’ while laughing.

“I heard one of the guys laugh and he said, ‘F ***** g’ superglue ‘.

“They all went away laughing when I said,” I’ll thank you. “

Kathy said, “I would have been at Bradford Royal Infirmary all night.”


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