Tens of thousands protest in Switzerland to legalize same-sex marriage

BERLIN – Tens of thousands protested on Saturday in Switzerland for the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Alpine country.

The protests came ahead of a national referendum on September 26th on the legalization of gay marriage, which has already been introduced in many other European countries such as Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

The public broadcaster SRF reported that tens of thousands took part in the Zurich Pride Parade with the slogan “You can do it. Marriage now for everyone. “

So far, same-sex couples in Switzerland can only obtain an official permit for civil partnerships that are not equal to marriages. If a majority votes in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in Switzerland, couples can also adopt children. In addition, lesbian couples would have easier access to sperm donation if they wanted to start a family, and foreign partners could more easily obtain Swiss citizenship.

Opponents of legalization say marriage should be reserved for only one man and woman together and that children should have the right to have both a traditional father and mother.

SRF reported that 70 groups from the LGBTQ community supported the protests.

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