Terrified parents and five-year-old son rescued after being buried alive in landslide

Papa Franco Torremocha, 46, caught the boy when they and Mama Lisabeth Cuajo were hit by a landslide in a quarry in the Philippines

Family with five year old son rescued after being buried alive

This is the dramatic moment when a family of three is rescued after being buried alive by a landslide.

A couple and their five-year-old son were carrying limestone into a quarry in Bohol Province, Philippines, when the disaster struck on August 30.

Recent rains in the area over the weekend had loosened the ground, causing the muddy landslide to bury the family under boulders, local authorities said.

Father Franco Torremocha, 46, was able to hug the boy while his wife, Elizabeth Cuajo, 31, was trapped two paces away from them.

The family yelled for help when other workers on the site called the local police for help.

A five-year-old boy was rescued from the landslide with his parents



Elizabeth Cuajo, 31, was also rescued and suffered a broken leg



The footage shows police and other locals working together to frantically dig the family out of the rubble.

They can be seen desperately digging in the mud with spades to find the missing family.

At one point the father’s head and shoulders can be seen while his son’s head is in his chest.

Authorities dramatically tear the boy off the ground while the teams continue to work to rescue the other members of his family.

It is not known how long the family was trapped before they were rescued and taken to the hospital.

Police lieutenant Nelson Lodripas, police chief at Getafe station, said the family worked as workers in the quarry and sold the stones to the landowner.

He told the local news, “This is how they make money.

“They are given permission to dig up stones that they sell to the landlord so they can buy groceries.”

This is when the father’s head can be seen as the teams continue digging to free the family



The mother and boy suffered broken legs and the father suffered minor injuries.

He added that days of heavy weekend rainfall may have loosened the soil in the area, causing a landslide.

He said, “The rain wasn’t heavy when the landslide happened, but the loosening of the earth may have caused the soil in the quarry area to erode and bury the three.”

A family of three was rescued after being buried alive in a landslide



They are all still recovering from their injuries, it is said.

Landslides are not uncommon in Bohol, as reported in June.

Local news reported that tropical storm Dante caused landslides and floods in Bohol and Cebu provinces, but did not claim any deaths.

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