Terrifying moment 6ft shark comes within metres of swimmers as they flee the sea

This is the terrifying moment when a six foot tall shark is meters away from beach goers, forcing swimmers to flee the water.

Shocking footage shows the giant predator stalking the shores of Yarra Bay in Sydney, Australia yesterday.

The shark appears to be injured in the video and rolls around in the water without being able to leave the coast.

Kind-hearted bystanders decided to wade into the water to lead the animal back into the sea.

You hear a man scream, “Something is wrong, guys, just let it go.”

Meanwhile, you can hear another person say, “Look at it, it might vibrate!”

Terrifying moment 6ft shark comes within metres of swimmers as they flee the sea 1

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The injured shark then returns to shore before falling on its side. The sun Reports.

It comes after a massive 900-pound tiger shark was killed by fishermen on a tiny boat off the coast of Sydney after a 45-minute struggle.

Captain Paul Barning and the crew of the Dark Horse reeled the large fish on board before taking it to be weighed in a nearby harbor.

The creature seemed injured when it found it difficult to move in the water

Kind-hearted bystanders tried to help the shark back at sea

Shocking images made available to the Daily Mail show one of the fishermen holding onto the shark’s fin as it hangs from the end of the boat.

The creature barely fit on the deck when it was brought ashore after a 45-minute battle in which the fishermen pulled it aboard.

Tiger sharks can grow up to 7.62 meters long and sometimes weigh more than 800 kg.

They are known to move along the east coast of Australia in the warmer months after moving with the current.


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