Terrifying moment hungry hippo chases boat full of tourists on sightseeing trip

This terrifying video shows the moment a hungry hippopotamus chased a boat full of tourists as they went on a sightseeing tour to look at the majestic creatures.

Dicken Muchena, 27, was out with three of his friends when they met on Friday the 28th.

But one hippo didn’t like the group on the water and chased after them, tossing its enormous weight up and down with surprising ease.

The footage shows the giant animal jumping after the group, raising its huge head to breathe, as it chases the boat at alarming speed.

Dicken said, “We knew the area was a haven for hippos and wanted to try and snap some photos of them.

“Knowing that they were killer animals, we gave them a wide path and avoided getting too close.

“There were at least six hippos in this area and many others in various other parts of the lake.

“When we were leaving, however, a huge, excited hippopotamus appeared out of nowhere and rushed towards us with apparently wild motifs.

“We would never have expected such a reaction because it is quite rare.

“We were lucky to be in a speedboat. After being charged for at least four minutes, we could no longer see the animal tracks and rushed ashore to safety.

“It was a close escape,” added Dicken.

Hippos can grow up to five meters long and weigh a whopping 1,500 kg (235 stones).

They are considered to be the deadliest land mammals in the world, killing up to 500 people a year in Africa.

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