Tesco customers criticise 'crazy' ban coming into force this month

Tesco customers have criticized the supermarket’s decision to ban non-essential plastic bags from their online orders.

The chain has confirmed it will stop using tray liners and non-essential plastic bags for home delivery in the future to reduce waste.

Plastic bags for home deliveries were reintroduced during the pandemic. Tesco said this option will be removed in the future to curb the chain’s plastic use.

While some have praised the initiative, others have indicated that the move could put disabled or elderly buyers at a disadvantage. BirminghamLive reports.

One customer said: “Tesco, instead of #everylittlehelps, please #givealittlehelp by restoring bags or tray liners for customers struggling with physical and mental disabilities. Don’t make a grocery store something people fear. Life can be hard enough. “

Another added, “Do you realize how much harder it is for the elderly and disabled to deliver groceries? And the trays are usually dirty. The liners were bad enough as it is.”

Stuart wrote, “We have our weekly shop delivered by Tesco every Thursday and it comes packaged in tray wrap which can then be thrown in the trash. As retirees who rely on Tesco for our entire weekly shop, we’re after an E -Mail very concerned Today we are informed that tray liners will be withdrawn in April 2021. “

Martin wrote, “I run a large Tesco online store every week and spend about £ 100 a week on average – sometimes less and sometimes more. I am now thinking of ditching Tesco as the thought of all my purchases being loose sitting in the plastic bowls fills me with fear. “

Another customer, Diane, said, “I am totally confused by the alleged logic behind this decision. I have RA. When my shipment arrives, it will take me a long time to empty the trays.”

As Denise wrote, “I read that you are doing away with tray liners. So you expect disabled people to bend over and pick up anything. And no, you cannot come into our house. This is discrimination against disabled people and the elderly.” ..crazy”

But Chris Horton said, “Well done that the tray liners and plastic bag options for home deliveries have been completely removed. A positive move. We have to accept a little less convenience if we want a habitable planet to continue to exist.”

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On its website, Tesco said, “In response to Covid-19 and to keep our customers and colleagues safe, we have reintroduced tote bags for all online orders. However, we know how concerned many of you are about plastic – and we do We recognize that we have an important role to play in reducing plastic consumption, so we are now returning to bagless deliveries and removing tray liners and non-essential plastic bags from our online orders.

“This means that there is no longer an option at the checkout to decide whether to pack your purchases in plastic bags or tray wrap. For health and safety reasons, we will continue to use red plastic bags for meat and some household cleaning. You can also rest assured that we will work hard to keep trays and other delivery equipment hygienic. “

The chain added it would include extra time on the door for bagless orders.

It added, “Some customers tell us they need more time opening the door, assistance with unpacking, and other ways we could help. Our delivery drivers are now following social distancing guidelines so they can get to your door while doing so deliver.” Keep a distance of 2 meters from you. If you are vulnerable, disabled, or elderly, your driver can bring your groceries indoors, but they cannot enter your home if you are currently self-isolating. “


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