Tetley want to hire somebody to drink tea and travel the world for a living

If you love drinking tea, we may have found your perfect job.

Tetley Tea is looking for two people with a “clear passion for everything to do with tea” as one of its graduates as tea buyers.

Your responsibilities will include tasting up to 300 teas per day to develop your taste buds, as well as organizing and prioritizing tea tastings alongside administrative work and meeting weekly deadlines.

The full-time positions will be based at Tetley’s headquarters in London, Liverpool Echo Report.

But after completing their training, the qualified tea buyers have the opportunity to travel the world to visit tea-growing regions in order to expand their knowledge of the world of hot drinks.

You will work within the tea purchasing and blending team to develop your tea tasting expertise and knowledge of the bush to cup supply chain.

The job advertisement says: “First of all, you support the tea buyer and work closely with the tasters to develop your taste buds.

“After a few years there will be an opportunity to travel to tea-growing areas to develop relationships with suppliers and to consolidate your knowledge of the tea-making process.

“During your apprenticeship you have the opportunity to work in many countries of origin and after five years you can expect to develop into a fully qualified tea buyer who is responsible for your own origins.”

You will need a level of 2: 2 or higher in any field of study and have strong analytical skills.

You should be resilient and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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