Texas Republicans Want to Make It Easier to Overturn Elections

The Republicans in Texas didn’t just buy into Donald Trump’s Big Lie over the last presidential election. They frame the even bigger lie Trump and his cabal are trying to tell about the next presidential election.

If they succeed, in 2024 Republicans will be able to do what they couldn’t do in 2020: turn down an election.

Even before voters started casting ballots that won last year’s presidential race in favor of Democrat Joe Biden, Trump said, “The only way you can lose that choice is if the election is rigged.” Trump knew this was not the case, as did the Republicans who repeated his claim. After four years of racism, xenophobia, scandal and chaos, the president’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic had sealed his fate. He would lose. The point of talking about a “rigged” election was to prepare its supporters to deny the results Trump’s legal team wanted to challenge in courts, state parliaments and Congress.

Trump managed to get gullible Republicans to embrace the Big Lie.53 percent of it now believe the former president actually won the 2020 elections and is the country’s legitimate leader. However, he and his lawyers in particular failed to get judges – at the federal, state, and local levels – to overturn an election found by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency.the safest in American history. ”

Dozens of judges have dismissed cases from Trump’s attorneys. Among the lawyers who said no to the disgraced former president were Republican MPs in the Bundesbank and elected Republican judges in the states. Even lawyers who were feared would seek a way to support Trump’s claims refused to do so, to the immense frustration of Rudy Giuliani and the other lawyers for the ousted president. The judges obeyed the law, which has historically set a high bar for contesting election results.

But what if the law made it easier to meet such challenges? What if the law gave judges the leeway to reject elections on the basis of partisan wishes rather than established facts?

This is the prospect that Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Republican lawmakers in the state have put on the table with their sweeping proposal to recast electoral law in response to Trump’s yelling about electoral fraud. Texan legislation has drawn considerable attention to elements of voter repression that are so draconian that US Representative Colin Allred (D-Tex.) Says, “This is not legislation. That’s discrimination. ”But there is more to the Republican agenda in Texas than the usual intrigues that block the turnout of blacks, Hispanics, students, and others who can democratically vote. What’s particularly staggering is a section of the plan designed to make it dramatically easier for a Texas judge to overturn an election result that Republican “poll watchers” – or former presidents – object to.


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