Text messages to be sent to warn of terror attack, flood and fire

People in the UK are said to receive SMS notifications warning them of local terrorist attacks, fires and floods.

The system is due to be tested in Suffolk and if it works it will be rolled out nationwide, the reports said Daily mail.

The first test of the system, based on the same technology that alerts people to Covid spikes in their area, will take place this month.

The system sends a message to anyone in the vicinity of suitable cell phone towers – including those who enter the area after the initial warning is sent.

Messages should arrive within 10 seconds – with loud tone and vibration.

Similar systems are already in use in North America, East Asia, Holland and New Zealand.

Cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt told the mail: “The emergency call service will be an important tool to better respond to emergencies at the national and local levels.

“”[It] will allow us to send lifesaving messages to people across the UK faster and more effectively. “

The first message will be tested on May 25th.


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