Thalaivii Movie Review: Kananga’s Acting In Jaya’s Biopic Is Worth Watching!

Kangana Ranaut’s new film, Thalaivii, is already drawing a lot of hype after the actress revealed the first look of the film in her official Instagram post. Fans were quick to take notice of the actress’s stellar performance and I personally loved her acting to be honest, but I feel like her acting for daring roles like fashion suits her.

People have said that her part in the biopic just wasn’t because she’s more suited to the strong role, but I think her acting was spot on.

The film delivers some straight forward dialogue that is sure to give you goosebumps and has an extra thriller to excite the audience. After the movie was released, I knew the moment it would draw viewers and it would definitely be talked about.

As I predicted, once the movie was released, social media was full of posts, some for and some against the movie. The movie gets mixed reviews but this is down to some personal opinions as the overall movie was great.

Kangana Ranaut plays the role of Jaya and is the single female lead in the film. What makes the movie great is the direction behind it. Director Vijay has worked really hard and his professionalism is evident in the film. With the directing and great performances from all the cast, the movie gets a thumbs up from us.

In this article, we will review the entire movie in a few minutes. If you’re someone who really wants to see the movie and plans to see a biased review, then you’re in the right place. In this article we will analyze the whole movie and also look at the reviews of it.

Thalaivii movie: know it!

Thalaivii movie

The Indian Bollywood movie is actually a biopic of South Indian famous personality Jaylalita who is known as an “Amaa”. The true goddess to the South and I think some of the North Indians will not understand how much she intended to be until her passing occurs. Personally, I was a small child at the time, but when I read about her death and saw all the news on television, I was surprised. The strength and love she showed as an actor and also as a leader were really different.

the movie stars Kangana Ranaut, Arvind Swamy, Nassar, Bhagyashree, Samuthirakani, Madhu Bala and others in the role. Critics rate Kangana Performance as a Jayaltia mom.

Since the movie is already a biopic, the whole movie revolves around the woman and her life, but one thing that is so common about the Indian biopic is their way of polishing it all up.

For many people, Jayalalitha is just an actress and a Chief Minister, but for the people of the state, she is the true legend.

After the film was announced by the makers, fans of the country knew they had to see it by chance.

Thalaivii Movie Release Date: Is It Out?


The movie was actually announced a year and back, and fans were excited to see the new biopic. If you haven’t heard of the new movie yet, don’t worry.

The actress had already been filled with many allegations and controversy that were more in the spotlight than her upcoming works. The people of the country have made a lot of accusations for her weird Instagram post and tweets that anger many fans.

Now all of these are not for us as we focus on the actress and not the real life of the person.

The film was announced and later confirmed as genuine. Being a biopic, the film has already attracted many attractions and people’s attention. The film was officially released on September 10.

Thalaivii Movie Review

Thalaivii Movie Updates

The film beautifully follows Jayalalitha and her life and reminds fans of their beloved Amaa who was once their legendary leader. The film portrays some of the famous scenes in the story and showed everyone the depth of the famous and controversial scenes from her life.

From Parliament’s controversial abuse scene to her famous escape scene. The film’s officials have already released the trailer, and it begins with a dialogue that reads: “The story we all know, the life story we don’t.”

Since it’s all about politics, you can clearly see how things get dirtier and dirtier and you can even argue to watch it. You know that we live in India, where we’ve already met these kinds of leaders who have exploited every part of the country to the fullest, it doesn’t surprise me.

But to be honest, Tamil Nadu’s political agenda has always fascinated me. Recently, the famous actor Rajnikanth already confirmed his own party and when these popular actors get into politics, the chances of winning increase.

It’s not that Jayalalitha had no controversy, the leader already got tons of allegations, including her unusual money and so many elaborate gifts that make the people angry, the actress/leaders have kept a lot of money in her house, which is considered less than black money itself.

But will Bollywood show all these things? We already know what the creators did in the movie “Sanju”. Since the cinema has a tradition of polishing the image of these people, you see something here as well.

The movie has the best scenes that give you goosebumps and some of the dialogues are over the top as well. The cast performed their roles amazingly and critics have appreciated all the actors and their performances.

Thalaivii movie: where can I watch the movie?

If you are impressed with the movie and the theme, then it becomes important for you to watch the movie. Thalaivii hits theaters on September 10. One can watch the film by visiting the nearest cinema house and all bookings can be made online.

However, the movie is not available on any of the OTT platforms. Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime has this movie on their site. You have to wait a while to watch this movie on one of the major platforms.

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Is this new movie worth watching?

Director Vijay really showed why Bollywood has loved his works over the years. If you are someone who likes biographical movies and want to try something amazing and amazing then this movie is definitely for you.

After seeing the trailer I have really high hopes for the storyline. The story is about a young and glamorous actress who was already considered no less than a queen in her time. How she managed to escape all those luxuries and bright lights and get into politics is always the best thing to learn. We know how dirty politics can be because we’ve all seen the 2010 movie Rajneeti.

The actress who turned into a politician and won the throne and claimed to be the CM of Tamil Nadu for the 5 consecutive elections is what Thalaivii is all about.

Kangana Ranaut played her part seriously and I really appreciate her acting in the biopic. The story looks overcooked at times but it gives you enough time to enjoy yourself. Even if you are familiar with Jay’s personal and professional life, you should still watch the movie to make a good short note.

My ratings are 3.5/5.

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