The 15 Best Spring Jackets for Women in 2020

Our love for cozy winter jackets is deep: these down-filled sleeping bags serve as loyal shields against the elements, year after year. But the best spring jackets, with their bright colors and fresh silhouettes, are exponentially more fun. And even if you only venture outside to shop for groceries, spring brings unpredictable weather conditions. One moment, you may need a waterproof jacket and the next, you take off each layer, wishing you were wearing anything.

However, milder weather allows us to prioritize form over function for the first time in six months and these lightweight options add a touch of personality to any outfit. From fresh cuts on the classic trench to short blazers and warm leather (yes, that’s one thing), these spring coats are worthy of your retail therapy. Below, fill this parka-shaped hole in your closet and buy the 15 best spring jackets of 2020.

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