The Anti-Vax Conspiracy divides Channel 4 viewers

A Channel 4 broadcast examining the international movement against coronavirus vaccination split UK viewers tonight (Tuesday).

The Anti-Vax Conspiracy, a full-length documentary, tried to focus on the people supposedly behind the international anti-Covid vaccine movement – and investigated why.

The program attempted to address the impact on global efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and included interviews with leading experts in the anti-vaccination movement and some of its leading proponents.

One of those interviewees was Piers Corbyn, the brother of former Labor leader Jeremy, who appeared at rallies against the lockdown and voiced his position against the government’s coronavirus program.

Another was Andrew Wakefield, a former doctor who was struck off the medical register after co-authoring a report claiming there was a link between autism and the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccination.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss what they thought of the show.

Covid vaccines were the focus of the program, and Maz Gaming tweeted, “These people are afraid that someone will somehow force them to get a vaccine. It’s not a thing, you absolutely have the right not to be vaccinated. Countries and companies also have the right not to let you in without vaccination. It works both ways #theantivaxconspiracy “”

Miss Candy was not impressed by some of the views expressed and tweeted, “This anti-Vax documentary on Channel 4 is insane. Parents give their autistic children bleach to drink because they think it will “cure” them. “

JD Hughes felt that the program itself was unbalanced and said: ” # C4 still about Dr. Andrew Wakefield … nothing more about the Covid ‘Anti-Vax Conspiracy’, the title of the show.

“Bad journalism and outright propaganda that rule out any discussion of the #Covid Vaccines are being tested on humans around the world. ”

George Odysseos added, “A must-have ad for anyone questioning vaccines. The misinformation is frightening and no surprise, the ultimate motivation for those who spread the lies is money. ” #theantivaxconspiracy “”


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