The Antipope of Mar-a-Lago

However, it remains to be seen whether or not all of this will work, not only after the difficult end of his presidency, but in view of other future consequences.

The establishment, like Benedict XIII. Tries and is still trying to effectively excommunicate Trump.

It didn’t work the first time, and it doesn’t look like it would work the second time either. The Palm Beach establishment, which commemorates the French king with Benedict, must decide how difficult it is to get Trump to an original understanding – the 1993 deal he made made with the city stating that he cannot use Mar-a-Lago as his full-time residence. The legal establishment? Trump’s danger remains in New York if nowhere else, but this week the Supreme Court closed two lawsuits alleging he made private profits from his public service. And real and threatening is a siege of sanctions from the business and cultural institute, so to speak – corporate dissociation, parched lending, the specter of break-ins in Mar-a-Lago memberships, or a permanent decline in the future environment – seen prestige – but there are many growing signs that Trump could knock like Benedict in his palace and that these developments could lead to more hiccups than a coup.

George Norcross, a leading New Jersey Democratic maker and brother of Congressman Donald Norcross, given up His Mar-a-Lago membership and a few others appear to be quiet do the same or think about it.

“A policeman was killed,” a disappointed member told me, referring to the riot on the hill. “Other people were killed.”

And yet …

“There are some members who just love Donald Trump and he can’t go wrong and it doesn’t matter,” said Jeff Greene, former member and real estate bigwig in Palm Beach.

“There will still be people who like him,” said member George “Guido” Lombardi – who is one of them.

Others also rejected the idea that the Trump presidency’s alarming coda was a death penalty for his post-presidency era. If there are any signs of this, the last years of the plague-ridden 13th century have sought out Benedict like the end. They just turned out to be the beginning.

“He will continue to stand trial,” said the Republican adviser and fundraiser from Palm Beach Blair Brandt told me when we were talking about Trump and his prospect. “I think the idea that Mar-a-Lago was canceled is a total stretch,” he said, “and I think that speaks to people forgetting how politics work and how brief memories can be.”

Especially in Florida.

“Florida was a place where people retire, reinvent themselves, or reinvent themselves,” said a former top employee of a top Florida Republican. He told me a short story from years ago about a bar in Miami called Monty’s. “I remember going in there,” he said, “and seeing a lot of women, all well dressed and handsome, somewhere between their mid-twenties and mid-forties, surrounded by a man. And in the middle of that crowd was O.J. Simpson. And that was after he killed his wife. So celebrities, money, and notoriety all attract a certain type of item. Now imagine it’s the former President of the United States. “

Roller blind taster, the expert on the Avignon Popes, could not help but think in a longer arc. In 2000, more than half a millennium after the final death of Benedict XIII. In the mid-1990s, two brothers who hadn’t done well stole his skull from a small museum in Spain. According to the news at the time, it was worth an estimated $ 315,000. The thieves tried to blackmail the local village council in exchange for returning whatever was left of the antipope writer’s remains described as “the most tragic”, “the most inexorable”, “and in some ways … the most fascinating of all”.

Why, I asked in disbelief, would the bones of this rogue pope from a bygone era have so much residual strength?

“Because,” said Rollo-Koster, “people loved the idea that he never said“ no ”. He said,“ I think I am the legitimate Pope. You can do whatever you want with me. You can even steal my head when I’m dead! I still have legitimacy. And the behavior of the people around him somehow reinforced that legitimacy – even a small group of people. “

Trump turns 75 in June. His mother was 88 when she died. His father was 93. Rollo-Koster offered a prediction. “He is beatified in one way or another. He may not be religiously beatified, but I am sure he will be beatified from his grassroots with some form of pseudo-canonization. It will happen. People will keep these MAGA hats as precious relics, ”she said. “People will come – I’m sure he’ll have a golden mausoleum. He’ll have a Taj Mahal somewhere where people will come in droves, light candles, and bring their children. I’ll give it a call.”

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