The Apple Watch 6 would not arrive until October

The Apple Watch 6 would not arrive until October

Every year we have seen how the iPhone and the Apple Watch shared the stage. Both the smartphone and the smartwatch had been presented at the same time, but this year things may change. The truth is that this 2020 is being somewhat convulsive in terms of device presentations, and that is that the Apple Watch 6 could be presented later than usual.

No Apple Watch 6 until October?

As we told you, this year is being the strangest. The different companies have adapted to this new normal in such a way that events are held without an in-person audience. On the other hand, the delivery times of the different materials have delayed in some cases the manufacture of different devices, so in some cases the wait will be much longer.

Apple is one of the companies that is suffering the most from these delays, to such an extent that the arrival of the Apple Watch may be delayed. This is not said by us, but by the leaker @ L0vetodream, who has already made the odd prediction about these products. He is not the only one in this sense, predicting the possible presentation dates of the different devices of the bitten apple.

One more prediction

In recent months we have not stopped seeing how different leakers talked about Apple products. Not surprisingly, for one of the most beloved firms in the tech world. The one we are waiting for more information about is the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo, known for being the one who has made the most predictions about the Cupertino company.

We will have to wait, but one thing is clear: we are in September, the month in which Tim Cook’s people already have everything prepared for their great iPhone presentation event. It is a matter of time before the firm sends its invitation announcements for the expected event that will surely not take long to arrive. It will be then when we know all the details of the firm’s smartwatch as well as its arrival at the different points of sale.


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