The Augmented Reality Glasses That The US Military Already Uses

Reality glasses: If you are on a tight budget or no budget, war is something you do with what you have on hand. But if you are the US military and you have an exorbitant defense budget, you can use the best “toys”, from lasers to shoot down military-grade drones to bionic weapons for heavy weapons.

Or, as in this case, night vision goggles equipped with AR technology.

Night vision with Augmented Reality

The Lancer Brigade has shared a video on Twitter where he appears to be performing some maneuvers from the subjective gaze of his new Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) Reality glasses, as an example of the US military’s ‘efforts’ to ‘modernize’ its combat strength, which is already hard to distinguish from what we’ve seen in some parts of Call of Duty (for when will the exosuits?)

According to official notes, the Enhanced Night Vision Binocular (ENVG-B) provides the US military’s armed forces “the ability to observe and maneuver in all weather conditions,” through dark environments, in restricted visibility, and in all lighting conditions.

This system represents a technological evolution resulting from innovative and collaborative efforts between the Soldier Program Executive Office (PEO Soldier), the Soldier Transfunctional Lethality Team (SL-CFT) and the Army Futures Command. (AFC).

Benefits for soldiers

The ENVG-B allows the soldier to “see, understand and be the first to act in restricted vision conditions”. Higher resolution stereoscopic displays enable faster target acquisition by improving the separation of targets from the background. The ENVG-B increases combatant lethality, mobility and situational awareness through state-of-the-art and innovative capabilities such as:

A dual-tube binocular system to improve situational awareness and depth perception.
White phosphor tubes with a higher resolution instead of the traditional green phosphor which provides better contrast.
A fused thermal camera for better target recognition in poor quality visual environments (dust, smoke, zero lighting, underground, etc.)
Recording of augmented reality aspects of the Nett Warrior screen.
Wireless interconnectivity with the Family of Weapon Scope-Individual, (FWS-I) which displays the weapon placement reticle on the ENVG-B, allowing soldiers to act accurately without carrying the weapon and significantly reducing exposure to the weapon. enemy fire.

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