The Bachelor's Peter Weber Was Spotted Hanging Out With Kelley Flanagan

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Apparently, the newest man in the series, Peter Weber, isn’t as far behind coronaviruses as the rest of us. TMZ has pictures hanging out with one of the women of her season, Kelley Flanagan, in Chicago on March 26. In some of the plans, he even wears it over his shoulder and exits reports, “People who have seen them tell us that Pete was super-flirty and very handy with Kelley.”

Weber, of course, got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss before ending this short-lived relationship with Madison Prewett. And now he is spending time (although they can absolutely be just friends) with Flanagan.

When she left the show, Flanagan had a few words of choice for Pilot Pete. “I question his intentions because I don’t really know what phase he is in life. The four [contestants] who are left are like little babies, “she says. said on the show. “I don’t really know who they are. Are you a child or an adult? Obviously he doesn’t agree. If he isn’t able to sit there and make decisions decisive and stuff like that, it’s his. I don’t know I want him to waste my time either. Thank you for not coming to meet my family. “

As recently as March 12, she denied rumors that she was dating Weber. “I heard that. I heard that I’m pregnant and I also heard that I’m with Peter right now,” said Flanagan. E!. “I’m not with Peter … I promise I won’t go out with Peter. I won’t go out with Peter.”

She is also the apparent favorite of Weber’s now famous mom, Barb. “Barb loves me, I guess I’m her favorite. I learned that last night at the finals. She came up to me and said, gave me the biggest hug and she gave it to me been, she was so nice to me, “said Flanagan. E! after the last episodes of the show. “I can’t hate her when someone is so nice to me. Barb, I guess, wants to have lunch with me and go shopping and good, whatever, you know. “

And so, the mystery of Pilot Pete’s love life continues. Will be the Bachelor does the drama stop?


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