The Bizum Scam To Cheat Online Sellers And Keep Their Money

bizum: Do you sell for Wallapop, for eBay, for Todocoleccion? If you are an online seller and you have: bizum Be careful with your payment methods as there is a new digital scam designed precisely to scam sellers. A scam that sites like or Twitter accounts like the National Police expose to prevent cyber criminals who use them from continuing to take advantage.

That the seller pays for the purchase

The scam starts like this: a buyer is interested in an item you are selling and calls you so that you can close the deal on the spot and he will pay you through bizum in less than half an hour. Suddenly, as a seller, you get a text message on your mobile asking if you want to pay 395 euros to a person (the example that MalditoBulo gives is Aitor.PE).

At this point, you should be clear that it is a scam as they are asking you, the seller, to pay instead of charging. The Delegation of the Government of La Rioja, traced by the Technological Crimes Group of the National Police of La Rioja, explains that “an alleged buyer, instead of making a payment for the purchase of objects, sends a request for money so that his victim is the one who pays that amount.”

Beware of Scams by Bizum

bizum is a kind of digital payment platform that allows both receiving and transferring money even faster than Paypal and others, just through the mobile number, so you should always be careful when making a payment.

This particular scam, which seems quite blatant, has been effective as they have registered several complaints today from online merchants who have been scammed using this method, according to the National Police.

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