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Amazon Prime is raving about the upcoming superhero drama, featuring a Superman-esque fool who is more of a villain than a hero. The good news is that The Boys has been renewed for a third season. At Comic-Con 2020, Seth Rogen, a well-known comedian and actor who also acts as an executive producer for The Boys, said the show’s creators wanted to renew The Boys for a third season as the show’s viewers enjoy the way it works . .

When does the boys’ third season premiere?

The release date for Boys’ third season has yet to be confirmed. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know when it will arrive.

That’s because the third season of The Boys has started filming. In February, producer Eric Kripke and star Karl Urban posted photos of themselves on their way to shooting in Toronto. What does this mean for the season 3 release date of The Boys?

We can come up with a (hopefully) fairly realistic release window by looking at last season’s recording schedules and how they line up with actual air dates.

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Season 1 of The Boys began filming in May 2018 and ended in October 2018, with a July 2019 air date – a nine-month hiatus. Season 2 of The Boys, meanwhile, was taped from July to November 2019 and will premiere on Amazon Prime in September 2020, a ten-month hiatus.

The Boys Season 3

If shooting goes according to schedule, Season 3 of The Boys will be released in late 2021. If the previous seasons are any indication, expect them to arrive in the first months of 2022.

Who is in the season 3 cast of the boys?

Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles will play Soldier Boy, the ‘original superhero’ who served in World War II and later became ‘the first superstar and a mainstay in American culture for decades.’

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also rumored to be joining the cast, with Kripke announcing that he’s already discussed some part with him.

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“I don’t believe it’s finished yet,” he said, “but the will is there, and we’re both talking about it.”


The season two finale is a real game changer, changing the course of the entire show in the future. Homelander still lives in Vought Tower, despite the Boys no longer in hiding. Don’t be surprised if Queen Maeve’s blackmail plan backfires at some point in season three, as he had a sticky ending himself.

The Boys Season 3

The most dramatic change, however, takes place in the context of the latest turn. Does Congresswoman Victoria Neuman support Vought or is it against Vought? She may be trying to play both sides to take advantage of the turmoil that will inevitably follow.

Looking ahead, season three could be planting the seeds (so to speak) for the younger Boys spin-off, who are said to follow Vought superheroes in training at school.

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