The Chase's Bradley Walsh floored as Jenny Ryan mocks his age

The Chase's Bradley Walsh floored as Jenny Ryan mocks his age

Chase host Bradley Walsh fell to the ground during the hit show’s final episode after Jenny Ryan brutally mocked his age.

During the Monday night (November 16) edition of the popular ITV quiz show, a speechless Bradley, 60, looked stunned after the brutal excavation of co-star and chaser Jenny.

Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan smiled mercilessly as the studio burst into fits of laughter after the cheeky joke the Daily star Reports.

Check out the video above to see when Bradley fell speechless after co-star Jenney’s gag talked about the host’s age.

Bradley asked Elizabeth, “Who had the first album by a British act to reach number one in the UK?”

The multiple choice options were Tommy Steele, Adam Faith, or Cliff Richard.

Elizabeth answered incorrectly and chose Cliff Richard.

Bradley exclaimed, “Must be Tommy Steele for sure.”

He and Chaser Jenny were absolutely right and answered the question correctly.

What followed was a wild blow in Bradley’s age that stunned the host.

“Difficult question, that,” remarked Jenny.

Bradley replied, “No, it wasn’t, I knew.”

Jenny replied cheekily, “Well, you’re old enough to have bought it.”

The audience and attendees giggled at Bradley’s shocked expression while Jenny giggled too.

Later in the episode, Bradley was teased again by Jenny, known as The Vixen on the popular ITV quiz game show.

A contestant named Sian told the hostess how she makes safe dolls and bite toys for babies.

When the player first met Jenny, the hunter remarked, “You are doing dummies and you are standing next to a dummy.”

Bradley wasn’t even aware that the dig was on him until Sian told him. He joked, “Was it? I wasn’t paying attention.”

Sian and Elizabeth were the only two players to make it into the final chase. The duo played between them for £ 11,000.

Unfortunately Jenny was in top form and she beat her by 14 seconds.

The Chase airs on ITV at 5pm on weekdays.



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