The damaged iPad battery caught fire!

A lawsuit was filed against Apple in the US state of Pennsylvania this week. Plaintiff Michael Macaluso claims his house was burned by a broken iPad battery. By saying that he uses the device normally and does not replace parts, Macaluso is very angry with the Cupertino-based company.

They fell victim to their damaged iPad battery

The home’s insurance company, Allstate Insurance, paid more than $ 142,000 for the repair and hired an attorney for this legal challenge. Lawsuits filed by both the owner, Michael Macaluso, and the insurance company are demanding the home repair and compensation.

Last year, a similar lawsuit was filed in the US state of New Jersey. This time, the lawsuit filed by Julia Ireland Meo claimed that the fire in which her father died was caused by the iPad battery.

Events are not specific to iPad

A similar situation has recently occurred for the iPhone. On the night of March 18, a girl named Amy Hall from Birmingham, England said her phone, which she had plugged into the charger with the original charger, suddenly caught fire. She informed the fire department after noticing that her blanket was burning during the incident.

Although the charging cable in the photo looks original, the local newspaper in the area claimed that the power adapter is not genuine. Amy denied these allegations, saying the power adapter is real too.

Apple is still investigating the causes of these fires. The company has specified in the user manual that the chargers should not be used in damp or poorly ventilated environments. It is also emphasized that the accessories should be regularly checked whether they are damaged or not.

While the truth of these claims is not certain, it is helpful for our safety to follow the instructions in the user manual.

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