The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date Predictions And Latest Details Here

A New Season of Dragon Prince Season 4 The highly anticipated fourth phase of the Netflix Original Series The Dragon Prince’s Journey is currently being developed by the team of creators behind this fantasy drama.

Those who love the show that became a franchise aren’t complaining about sticking with them for now, but that doesn’t mean the hiatus was a cinch.

It’s the two-year anniversary of the show’s debut on Netflix. Dragon Prince season 3 premieres on Netflix on November 22, 2019. Season 4 of the show will not appear on the platform at the time of the celebration.

However, creator Aaron Ehasz sat down with CBR to discuss the books and table games the franchise has grown into, and where they are currently in the development of this season’s fourth.

Two Canon graphic novels coming out next year – The Puzzle House, Bloodmoon Huntress and The Puzzle House – will focus on Rayla, Soren and Claudia’s history respectively.

Beats of the character, historical context, and backstory expanded in these novels will provide some of the character traits and decisions fans have seen in the first season, as well as the character’s growth in Season 4.

Regarding the development of the new season, Ehasz had the following to add:

I can tell you some details about the progress of the production, which is that all the episodes that will be used in Season 4 have been written and recorded. The show is being created and storyboarded before becoming a reality with the help of the crew now working at Bardel Entertainment. We are on the right track and are constantly in awe of new art, design music and more all returning to bring it to life. And the team works tirelessly.

Hopefully we’ll have something to share with you soon!
Ehasz said it would be extremely beneficial for viewers to go through Through the Moon, a Dragon Prince graphic novel set between seasons 3 and 4 before watching the new season.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date Predictions

The show has Ehasz commented on the progress of Season 4. We’re looking forward to a 2022 release date for the Dragon Prince’s fourth season. Bloodmoon Huntress, another Rayla-focused story similar to Through the Moon, but set in the young elf’s past and will be available for purchase on April 5, 2022.

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