The driving laws coming into force this year – how they'll affect you

A number of new driving laws will come into force this year.

Here are the legislative changes that will take place in 2021.

The changes will affect millions of drivers, with many of the changes already completed.

Failure to comply with the pending rules can result in drivers being fined or penalized.

Auto insurance companies may also elect to invalidate contracts, our sister title, in certain circumstances The Express reports.

The TÜV extension ends

The test extensions will end today (January 31st) for many drivers after months of backlog that are causing chaos in the garages.

During the initial lockdown of the coronavirus, the government announced a six-month extension of the TUV between March 31 and July 31.

If you drive without a valid MOT certificate, road users can be fined up to £ 1,000.

Brexit is changing

Although a last minute deal between the UK and the EU means that in most cases UK drivers will not need an international driver’s license when traveling abroad, some documents are still required.

The biggest change is the need for a green card for car insurance, which proves that you have a valid policy

These can be obtained from a car insurance company, but road users must have a physical copy at all times.

Drivers must also take their V5C logbook with them if their vehicle is less than 12 months old.

Cell phone use

According to Go Compare, a loophole has been closed that allowed drivers to take photos or videos while driving.

Under the new rules, road users can get a £ 200 fine and six penalty points by simply not holding a phone under any circumstances.

New ALKS lane keeping tools

Late last year, the Department of Transportation announced that new automated lane-keeping technology could be available for new British vehicles from spring 2021.

A government consultation was held at the end of 2020 to check whether the tools could run safely at speeds of up to 100 km / h.

New clean air zones

London’s expensive ULEZ system will be rolled out to several suburbs of London from October, bringing millions of motorists to pay an additional daily fee.

Bath and Birmingham will be the first cities outside London to introduce new Clean Air Zone fees this year.

The Birmingham system charges this with the most polluting vehicles up to £ 8 per day for using the roads.

Green license plate changes

Electric and zero emission vehicle owners can now purchase the brand new green license plates.

The program could offer a number of benefits for owners of all-electric models, with the government pointing out cheaper parking spaces and special zero-emission zones.

Future legislative changes

Brand new tools for the intelligent speed assistant will be mandatory for all new vehicles from 2022.

The new technology alerts drivers if they are driving too fast and can intervene if a driver continues to drive above the limit value.

A consultation on a nationwide sidewalk parking ban was completed in late 2020. The results should be available in a few weeks.

A national ban could include a £ 70 fine for any road user parking on the sidewalk, similar to what is currently required by law in London.


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