The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits

Gogglebox continues to capture the British on the TV screen as we watch the funniest critics of the British armchair.

The show is best known for making us laugh until it falls off the sofa on a Friday night. However, there have definitely been occasions when we’ve seen the cast shed a tear for the tender television moments.

The show has hosted a number of gripping shows, and guest stars on the show on specials like Celebrity Gogglebox and Stand Up To Cancer also felt emotional during the filming.

And last year especially, the cast had to discuss the news of Covid that has been appearing on our television screens every day for over a year.

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Tribute to the NHS

Beloved cast members reached for their handkerchiefs as early as May when they saw the BBC2 documentary Hospital: Fighting Covid-19.

With the country transformed by the Covid pandemic and the loss of many loved ones to the deadly virus, the show paid tribute to the hard work of NHS staff.

One scene in particular moved the cast as it showed Sister Nancy, who has worked for the NHS for 50 years, leaving the hospital after recovering from the coronavirus.

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 1

After she recovered, she shared a heartbreaking message with the doctors and nurses who worked day and night and praised her resilience.

She said, “I’ve worked every day of my life. I’ve never been sick so you can imagine how angry I am that this business got me.

“I want you all to know that I am really grateful and grateful to you.”

Pete Sandiford’s eyes filled with tears as he watched and said, “That makes me a little sad, that.”

Mary Killen was similarly upset by the scenes, telling her husband Giles, “They clap if they survive.”

On Twitter, viewers admitted they fought back tears throughout the episode, thankful for Gogglebox’s ability to draw on the heart every week.

Jenny collapses over vaccination reports

Jenny from Hull realized that the coronavirus restrictions would allow her to see loved ones for much longer

Hull Gogglebox star Jenny Newby began recovering during an episode and was considering giving the UK the first Covid vaccine.

When Jenny saw a clip of Margaret Keenan receiving the Pfizer poke, she got whiny in front of the camera and realized the momentous day.

She turned to Lee Riley, best buddy, and said, “We’re all going to get together soon, it won’t be long.”

Reaching for her face when her eyes started to water, she added, “Every time I think about it, I get emotional.”

Meanwhile, viewers on Twitter were moved by Jenny’s emotion as they pondered the tragic events of 2020.

One said, “Aww Jenny. I know how you feel.”

“Agree that vaccine day is very emotional for Jenny, but also agree that Lee @ MattHancock’s tears aren’t a bit convincing,” added a second.

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 2

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Best friends’ emotional homage to vaccination wasn’t the first time the Gogglebox cast got emotional over the Covid pandemic.

They also fought when they saw the BBC2 documentary Hospital: Fighting Covid-19 as the show paid tribute to the hard work of NHS staff.

Sophie’s emotional reaction to the second ban

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 3

Gogglebox star Sophie Sandiford thanked viewers for their support after breaking into tears on the show.

The Blackpool-born TV star collapsed after watching the Prime Minister announce that England was going into a second lockdown.

It touched viewers on the Channel Four show, and many said they felt emotional watching it.

“It’s just sad, isn’t it,” she said.

“It’s just not for everyone, it’s getting worse, more people are going to lose their jobs and things like that, it’s just horrible.”

Her brother Pete tried to comfort her and said, “Oh, don’t be upset, boy, not because you’re going to scare me off.”

Cast members are absent during the lockdown

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 4

When the shows returned during the lockdown, it was bittersweet when cast members over 70 were forced to unsubscribe as they fell into the vulnerable category.

That meant the series original Sid Siddiqui – who appears on the show with his sons Baasit and Umar – was noticeably absent from the sofa.

Unfortunately, the best friends Mary and Marina, who are over 90 years old and live together in a retirement home, also had to step back from the season.

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 5

Although viewers thoroughly enjoyed the series, many felt emotional due to the absence of older cast members.

Increase TwitterOne fan wrote: “Whenever I see Mary and Marina in the opening montage, it makes me sad – miss you ladies.”

“Now I think of Sid and how much I miss him on #Gogglebox,” wrote a second.

And another added, “Where would we be in these terrible times without Lee and Jenny, the Malones, Ellie and Izzie etc, who only miss Marina and Mary, hope they stay safe and healthy.”

Mary gets emotional about people protecting one another

The emotional Gogglebox lockdown moments that left stars in bits 6

Mary got emotional talking to her husband Giles about staying home.

“The very heartwarming thing I was sent from Belfast, where a man was walking the empty streets of Belfast and saying, ‘There’s no one around, but it’s not a sign of despair or desolation,” Mary said before she obviously got upset.

Giles said, “Don’t start, keep your spirits up.”

She continued tearfully, “He said there could be no greater expression of love than people who stay home to protect one another.”


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