The Enablers of Insurrection Should Be Ostracized

By inciting a mob to attack the Capitol, Donald Trump has provoked a backlash even among Democratic leaders in Congress who have indicated in the past that they would rather go ahead. On January 4, Hakeem Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, answered questions about the impeachment of saying“We’re not looking back. We’re happy.”

The foiled uprising that killed five people changed the political equation – and not just among Democrats. House majority leader Nancy Pelosi, pushed by the party’s more progressive wing, now appears to be pushing efforts to remove Trump before his term ends, with either one 25. Change solution Declare Trump unable to serve his term or by a second impeachment. The Republicans have also postponed this. Leading Senators Ted Cruz from Texas and Josh Hawley from Missouri, who backed Trump’s efforts to overthrow the elections, are now the subject of a massive campaign of discrimination within their own party.

Cruz, always a weathervane with few principles, can clearly sense in which direction the wind is blowing. With the oily insincerity that is the hallmark of his character, Cruz tries to distance himself from Trump. “I think the president’s rhetoric and language were exaggerated,” said Cruz told a Texas television station. “I think it was irresponsible, I think it was inconsiderate, and I think he has to realize it.”

Cruz may be concerned about facing the kind of setback that is happening now Beat Hawley. Two of the largest newspapers in Missouri, The Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post Dispatchasked Hawley to resign. Former Missouri Senator John Danforth released a statement stating that Hawley’s support was “the worst mistake I have ever made in my life”. Danforth predicts that Hawley could become a political pariah. “How will he get along with his colleagues?” Asked Danforth. “How is he going to do something? What is its political future? ”

A key donor, David Humphreys, whose family also donated more than $ 6 million to Hawley denounced the senator. “Hawley’s irresponsible, inflammatory and dangerous tactics have led to violence and further discord across America,” Humphreys said in a statement. “And he has now revealed himself to be a political opportunist willing to undermine the constitution and the ideals of the nation he vowed to represent.” To top it off, Simon and Schuster canceled a deal to publish a book Hawley wrote on the dangers of technology monopolies.


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