The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season

In October, after four years of absence, Eric Andre, finally the fifth (perhaps last?) season of his famous trick, weighty, late-night syndicated program parody, The Eric Andre Show Season 5. Also, of course (and thankfully), the Swimming for adults most beloved was a really necessary explosion of absurdist nonsense to combat a generally crazy and strongly terrible year.

Going further to heighten the show’s commitment to insanity by highlighting a brand new set, a brand new band. A constant stream of high-profile visitors and a revolving collection of co-haves, including LaKeith Stanfield, alongside a completely slick, very tanned host, the highly vociferous, powerfully rugged prankster created another ridiculous season of super-weird 12 PM satellite TV, complete with the significantly more wild-and-out big name”Interviews‘, a premium for individual tricks on the go and an invasion of psychotic and gross (and entertaining) minutes. Without a doubt, Andre really got the ball rolling, creating 10 captivating new episodes that are packed with significantly more total silliness.

The following are a few of our much-loved encounter sections from Adult Swim’s perpetually wacky, honorably weird, gleefully wild syndicated program, The Eric Andre Show Season 5. Also watch out for Netflix “Clickbait”: Review, Cast, Plot.

Adam Rippon (Eric Andre Show Season 5 Episode 1)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 1

After Judy Greer’s sickening early game, Olympic pro skater Adam Rippon kicked off season five pleasantly with his boisterous back and forth The Eric Andre Shows devastation nurturing host.

Including some banging on the brevity of the 2019 visitor diary, cover bits streaming off the roof. A pair of mischievous hands constantly get the visitor, and of course a number of cylindrical bells. This first encounter was an incredible way to get things going, as the fifth season was delayed a while ago. It also highlighted some of Hannibal Buress’ best pieces this year. Especially since he was going to leave in the next episode, aptly named “Hannibal stops.”

While it’s disappointing that Buress chose to leave, the dry-hearted prankster actually gave… The Eric Andre Show season 5. Perhaps the most interesting statement with “You wear boots with spikes. You must be fearless!”

Shanola Hampton (Episode 2)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 2

In the parody program’s first completely Hannibal-less meeting, The Eric Andre Show was busy sorting out his questionable new poll. Especially after the presentation of Blannibal, Hannibal’s menacing, outsized clone. While Shameless’ Shanola Hampton’s encounter isn’t one for all time. It shows the unshakable ability of the host to keep its unstable program moving regardless of this misfortune. While also creating more fun, increasingly confusing jokes for his unwitting visitors.

Loaded with consistent increasingly weird interferences, silence from PAs and returning companion Felipe Esparza. Like a casual little bat mitzvah before its high-flying finale, this encounter was a comforting solace that Andre and his various group would continue to keep things light, fast and interesting – even with Hannibal sadly not around right now.

Dermot Mulroney (Eric Andre Show Season 5 Episode 4)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 3

Everyone treats The Eric Andre Show Season 5 in an unexpected way. A few visitors watch it with a strange combination of temptation and bewilderment, trying to get a handle on this whole mind-boggling screen. A few big names are apparently annoyed / steamed inside and out at Andre’s clowning, while a few leave in disdain.

What’s more, some make a valiant effort to cooperate and have a great time. However, they discover that their gatekeeper has been brought somewhere close to the massive wave of crazy hijinks that follow throughout the duration of their discussion. For Dermot Mulroney, he makes an effort to relax. In any case, it is quickly clear that he is in a strange place. He can’t act normal in this awkward encounter.

In the end, the energy here is diverse, as Mulroney’s laid-back eloquence enhances him more than Andre’s overall strangeness. His verbal unease takes the focus, but the main feature is Lizzo’s female reboot of bird up. One of the most exceptional minutes of Season 5. Then, of course, at that moment, it’s an ideal opportunity to scream.

Brenda Song (Episode 5)

For my money, Brenda Song’s episode 5 might just be the highlight of season 5. During the time span of two minutes, the previous Disney channel star goes from energetic to terrifying as our maniacal host begins to present H2O2 (“the sequel of waterIt goes on a shooting spree against Mountain Deux, challenges the power of God, and eventually takes steps to kill a live fish for her. That’s also before a fast-flying Frisbee shows up. This encounter highlights some of the generally silly, astonishing minutes of the show, complete with a seemingly unwitting visitor who can’t contain her unfortunate clumsiness with this puzzling stream of unrelenting madness.

Bearing in mind that Song’s henchman Macaulay Culkin showed up recently, you’d think Song had some idea of ​​what Andre’s merry image of agnostic revelry has in store. Be that as it may, if she did, it wouldn’t show up on the screen, which some of the Season 5 generally romping and unhinged minutes.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard (Eric Andre Show Season 5 Episode 6)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 4

Of Flavor Flav’s Season 4 meeting is one of Eric Andre Shows high focus, the humiliated fake syndicate program expected to raise the stakes when Tiffany “New York” Pollard, a Flavor of Love competitor and I love New York have stopped. While they don’t do anything as outrageous as kicking Flav in the face, Andre welcomes a wide range of misery to New York in this wacky discussion.

Together with co-owner Lakeith Stanfield, this free gathering highlights everything from ping-pong balls casually flying through space to the unexpected appearance of superstar gourmet expert Roy Choi to inflatables popping in espresso cups to wild pelicans roaming helter-go-kart around the studio.

What’s more, that is without reference to the dead birds tumbling from the roof. Andre really wiped out the helpless Pollard, and the unscripted television character’s lively articulations and hesitant to empathize with his wantonness led to one of the most interesting, most casual interviews of the season.

Tia Carrere (Episode 7)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 5

Wayne’s World’s Tia Carrere never became as popular as it should have. Fortunately, The Eric Andre Show gave her extra time in the spotlight (just like a tough situation) as she endured several ridiculous, frantic events, incorporating plane malfunctions with air vents that smell like farts, clairvoyant blasts, thermometer slurping, and a furious confrontation between Andre and his team, with the nominal host demanding that he not be included. Enough sure, snails fly, cameras smash, bottles break and fistfights are the result. Meanwhile, Carrere remains confused and upset.

While it follows the usual setup of an unrelentingly silly Eric Andre he talks to, Carrere plays it out wonderfully, tackling everything except never going in an opposite direction to the silliness. All things considered, it brings one of the The Eric Andre Show Season 5 most extraordinarily ridiculous interviews.

Cleopatra Coleman (Episode 8)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 6

Honestly, Cleopatra Coleman’s encounter could be all the more an undisputed top pick rather than one of the season’s perfections. Still I’m a sucker for Eric Andre Show interviews which doesn’t really devise an ideal opportunity for the visitor to talk. This is without a doubt an exemplary illustration of an Eric Andre show who is so aware of its own silly digressions. It doesn’t give the visitor space to enter more than two or three words before it’s done.

Between Felipe Esparza’s big character taking control of the room, the presentation of his little individual companion, Belipe Esparza, bike haircuts and Andre’s runway style, who typically thinks he is indeed bald, Coleman can hardly get a chance to to speak, and this short but hysterical fragment is an ideal smaller-than-normal showcase of The Eric Andre Show at its most abnormally crazy and totally stupid.

Stormy Daniels (Episode 10)

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 7

To wrap up the season (and possibly the series?), Stormy Daniels was the last visitor to Eric Andre Show Season 5. Still, it wasn’t long before the arguable adult movie star’s quality was overshadowed by the show’s propensity. to fall into nonsense, especially with an intricate “rest of the meeting” festivities gearing up for the arrival of some top season/series picks, including Hannibal’s brother, Kraft Punk,”Russell Brand‘, ‘George Clooney’, ‘Reese Witherspoon’, Blannibal and even Hannibal Buress, who in a stunning twist reveals that he really was a hallucination.

With Daniels currently completely overlooked, all current/recurring cast individuals take part in a climax, festive. In the long run, the unstable ending of the melodic season song will be a recommendation that the show might be finished. Just in case it’s really finished, it had quite a few feet in the ground.

Honest Mentions: Eric Andre Show Season 5

The Eric Andre Show Season 5: The Best Interviews of the Season 8

deplorable, The Eric Andre Show Season 5 had the wretched distinction of facilitating Naya Rivera’s final meeting, as the Glee entertainer died shockingly this late spring. While the counterfeit TV show is known for its cowardly disrespect. This post-mortem episode 6 get-together was introduced in a shockingly obliging, classy manner, complete with serious closing credits.

So the section remained consistent with the uncontrollable soul of the farce show. Finding the right harmony between keeping Andre’s craziness while not being rude or in helpless taste.

While it won’t be recognized as the most interesting episode of the Eric Andre Show, Rivera’s encounter turned into a careful and conscious award. You wouldn’t expect that from Adult Swim’s generally joyfully repulsive nighttime show.

A few other Season 5 champions include Judy Greer (Episode 1), Saweetie (Episode 2), Omarion (Episode 3), Diane Guerrero (Episode 4), Mercedes Javid (Episode 5), Luis Guzman (Episode 7), Robin Givens (Episode 8), Chad Johnson (Episode 9) and Blake Griffin (Episode 10).

What was your beloved Eric Andre Show Season 5 part? Tell us below!

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