The everyday 20p item that stops spiders from invading your home this autumn

As the nights are breaking and daylight is becoming rarer, the weather threatens to change.

And when autumn turns into winter, your home could become a haven for creepy crawly crawlies during the mating season.

If you’re not a fan of spider families that breed in your home, we may have a very affordable solution!

According to Expert Home Tip, this works best with lemons – because spiders can’t stand the smell of citrus fruits, reports ChronikLive

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And besides, you don’t even have to waste the fruit, because the bowl is obviously enough to get your eight-legged guests up and running.

Just rub lemon peel all over your windowsills, bookshelves, and anywhere else you would normally find spiders and this will help you move them around and out of your house.

the mirrors reports that lemons can also be a great way to keep spiders out of basements and garages, as rubbing the peel along the skirting boards and door frames should have the same result

And if you don’t want your home to smell like lemon grove, there are alternatives. You can try:


A TikTok user shared a hack and received rave reviews when she suggested spraying a solution of peppermint oil and water on windows and doors.

She said, “For anyone who doesn’t like spiders, this is a hack.

“You can put peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle. Spray the outside of doors, window frames – they’ll stay out of your house.”


You can also achieve the same result as with the peppermint trick with white wine vinegar diluted in water.

This smells worse than the mint starter, the vinegar’s odor should go away once it dries.


Again, filling a spray bottle with warm water and adding lavender oil along with dish soap can help get spiders packing.

The eight-legged creatures apparently can’t stand the smell of lavender!

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