The first iPad With A Lightning Port Is Already Obsolete For Apple, And The Vintage iPhone 6 Plus

apple: We live in such a technologically accelerated era, that any new device becomes outdated in 6 months – 1 year on average only. Every 12 months there are replacements for the top of the range, and even video game consoles increasingly reduce the generational replacement. For this reason, companies have lists of devices that they can still repair and those that are already considered too old, such as Apples.

apple divides this list into ‘Old and Obsolete’ products. As they point out on their website, “iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac owners can get service and parts from apple or apple service providers for 5 years from product discontinuation (or longer where applicable). required by law). Although “Apple has discontinued support for certain technologically obsolete products.” But which is which?

old products

They are those that were discontinued more than 5 years ago and less than 7 years ago. Outdated Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV products will continue to receive hardware repairs from apple service providers, including apple Stores , based on inventory availability or as required by law.

Obsolete or Vintage Products

They are those that stopped selling more than 7 years ago – Monster brand Beats products are considered obsolete regardless of their date of purchase. apple has suspended all hardware support for obsolete products with no exceptions, and service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products.

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