The Flash Season 7: Here Is Everything We Know About It!!!

A new photo is available for anyone interested in what Jordan Fisher could look like as Bart Allen in The Flash Season 7. With the information that Fisher signs up to play Bart aka Impulse, fans are thirsty for new details about the character and how they will work him on the series. With The Flash already encompassing so many speedsters that have come and gone, as a result of time travel and the multiverse, something has been welcomed to help fans conceptualize the newest member of the Flash household.

From the comics, Bart Allen is the grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West, his parents are their son Don Allen and Meloni Thawne, a descendant of Flash villain Eobard Thawne. Bart, who most often drew a teenager, was known by nicknames like Kid Flash and Impulse, even serving temporarily in The Flash after the disappearance of his mentor, Wally West. For now 7 The Flash, they do a variation of Bart in which he is the son of Barry and Iris in the future and most likely the brother of Nora Allen-West from season 5.

Currently, there is a potential style for Fisher as Bart thanks to Instagram consumer britedit, who released the photo a day after the casting announcement. While it may be fan art, it will manage to work into many of the components in the Impulse costume from the comics, including the color scheme that features more white than Barry or Wally’s costumes. And seeing Fisher’s face in that costume goes a long way to imagine what The Flash’s showrunners might have in mind for how the character will be portrayed more youthful and carefree than any other speedster we’ve seen in the collection before. Check out the image below:

Fisher started in TV at a young age with his work through a variety of networks and shows, including Freeform’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Disney Channel Original Movies, Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach two, FOX’s Grease Live and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Now he is more known for his characters such as John Ambrose in Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Jake Taylor in Work It, and his voice work on She-Ra with the Princesses of Electricity. Fisher will appear on The Flash on Episode 17 of Season 7, which will also be the 150th episode of this series, and has also sparked a number of fan theories that Barry and Iris’s daughter Nora also seem to celebrate.

While Fisher may be a bit older compared to Bart Allen who normally appears in the comics, the man’s seriousness and youthful demeanor make it possible that Bart from The Flash will still retain many of the character’s childish aspects. The real question is whether introducing Bart and making him another child of Barry and Iris is the beginning of the end of the set. Bart Allen is the finale of the speedster heroes paired with Barry for the series to introduce and has team-ups, a useful story crutch they’ve leaned on since Jay Garrick’s debut in Season 2. Without a crutch, it can be tough for the series to come up with gimmicks to spark new interest every season, especially as they keep fighting to find worthy villains to build storylines every year.

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