The Flash Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything

Barry Allen’s creation of a brand new Speed ​​Force in The Flash appears to have unleashed other dynamic cosmic forces on the Arrowverse.

This would be a nod to a current story in The Flash comic book and a clue to the challenges Team Flash will face for the rest of The Flash season 7.

The first episodes of The Flash season 7 roughly focused on Barry Alen’s efforts to regain his abilities after the Speed ​​Force’s death after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

After temporarily experimenting with an artificial force of speed that graced his intelligence but left him away from humanity, Barry attempted to create a new force of speed that sprang from the love force. With his wife, Iris, as the lightning rod, Barry tried to see the remaining Speed ​​Force energy in Iris from her time in front of a speedster and use that light to revive what had been lost.

Barry was successful and regained his abilities, but the final scene of ‘Mother’ shows that the lightning bolt that generated Barry’s practice split into four different colors in the sky over Central City.

This is remarkably similar to the conclusion of a recent comparison story in The Flash comic books, “Flash War”. The story saw Wally West attempt to break the Speed ​​Force to free his children, trapped far away in an aberrant reality.

Instinct led Wally’s efforts to release three new Forces, The Sage Forces, Power Force, and Still Force. These were in line with the plans of the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, who analyzed these powers in the future, but lacked the ability to self-regulate their release.

The Flash Season 7: New Cosmic Forces

The fallout from “Flash War” threw stories over a number of years, when we, heroes and villains, got permission from the New Forces, including a Reverse-Flash that uses the Power Force & Sage Force.

The force force was gravity and mass what the force of speed was speed. The latest increase in his wielder’s physical strength and endurance, the Strength Force also grants control over the Earth, spreading around his wielder in the form of rocks tinged with red energy in the same way that The Flash generated yellowish illumination.

The Sage Force was shown as gloomy fires and award-winning people participating in it, in addition to clairvoyant and telekinetic skills. Strangest of all was Still Force, the equilibrium and reversal force that equals the Speed ​​Force and controls entropy and inertia.

The tortoise, whose ability to rob the speed of moving objects around him illustrated with a green light, got much more muscular as a Still Force manipulator.

It could only be a coincidence that the four colors of energy released over Central City in the Arrowverse match the colors assigned to the four Forces in The Flash comics.

However, as the series continues to draw more and more material from the Flash comics written by Joshua Williamson, it seems likely that the showrunners have made an attempt to adapt “Flash War” in a few forms or in some way.

If nothing else, the all-new controls would add to the new enemies to make Team Flash fight over the course of the Flash’s current season and give the STAR LABS group something new to read and study.

The Flash Season 7 Trailer

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