The funniest hacks ever made

although hack attacks are generally scary to people, the events we have on our list look pretty funny.

There are many hack attacks today. Most are for the states. This can get a little scary. Still, there are some that pop up for funny reasons. For example, it’s as if Bean’s face takes the place of the Spanish Prime Minister. Now we have collected such information in our list. These are the funniest hacks in history…

The funniest hacking attempts in history

On the website of the Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Bean’s face

Anyone who entered the official website of the Spanish premiership in 2021 was surprised. People replaced Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez with British sitcom character Mr. Hey with Bean. Newspapers had already compared Rodrigez with the person involved. Hacker also wanted to make a joke by using this as an opportunity. After a while, site officials stated that the attack was caused by a vulnerability known as cross-site scripting.

The funniest hacks ever made 1

The world’s first hacking attack

In 1903, Guglielmo Marconi, known as the ‘father of modern radio’, was ready to present his new fashionable telegram. He placed his device, which he was to display at the Royal Academy of Sciences, on the edge of a cliff. It was ready to send messages over 300 miles over the air. But the machine on the receiving end of the communication started to vibrate strongly. The decoder spelled the messages as ‘RATS’ (Rats) before converting them into random text. Then, in a rough way; “There was a young Italian man who kind of fooled the public.” said.

The funniest hacks ever made 2

False announcements broadcast on the news channel

Local news stations abroad often have a system that allows local businesses and organizations to announce closures due to inclement weather. In 2004, this North Carolina News 14 setup was hacked onto the news channel by students at North Carolina State University. The issue, caused by a security vulnerability, allowed intruders to forward their own messages to the tape.

The funniest hacks ever made 3

Once a message has been confirmed, it can be changed without further interaction by members of the station. This worked well for college students. So it caused them to say mean things through approved broadcast messages.

Funny messages from road signs

Traffic signs play an important role in traffic management. It informs drivers about imminent obstacles or the duration of the construction project. However, because operators rarely change the system’s password, they are the easiest target for hacking. This led to a number of hacking attacks in the late 2000s, where pranksters put their own messages into the machine. Confused, passersby saw all kinds of warnings, from jokes to lyrics to zombies.

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Dinosaurs on the Vogue website

The hacks discovered in 2013 in Vogue and Conde Nast involved dinosaurs. Entering the famous Konami code on the keyboard while navigating the site caused dinosaurs with different hats to appear on the screens. In the meantime, let’s talk about the famous code as a bit of information. This code consists of the cheats that Kazuhisa Hashimoto made for Konami. To date, it is unclear who carried out the attack. Some, suspicious of the company employee, made sure that the incident remained an Easter egg.

The funniest hacks ever made 5

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