The Future Is Adorable in Cleopatra in Space, DreamWorksTV's New Sci-Fi Show for Kids

That cat did NOT come here to play.

That cat did NOT come here to play.
Statue: DreamWorks TV

There is much we do not know ancient Egyptians, but a new animated series dares to ask: what would Cleopatra was it as if she could have traveled in time? Cleopatra in space, based on Mike Maihack’s graphic novels, the historical figure depicts as a cheeky teenager who happens to be “the savior of the galaxy.”

DreamWorks TV just dropped the first trailer, featuring a haughty cat guard, at least one toilet joke, sinister robots, elaborate handshakes, friendly and not-so-friendly aliens, space battles and more – all aimed at kids, but the show looks like like a fun ride for geeky adults too.

Cleopatra in space meets Peacock on April 15.

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