The GOP Is No Longer a Viable Governing Party

January 6, 2021: A day that will go down in history as one of the most shameful and notorious in American history. The day the President of the United States called on an armed mob to invade the US Congress and actually overthrow the US government. The day the son of the President of the United States called on the Republicans of Congress to be “heroes” by supporting the president’s insurrection. The day that Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, called for “trial by struggle”. The day that, despite the most inflammatory acts since the Civil War, six US Senators and 121 members of the House voted against the confirmation of the Arizona election results later that evening.

January 6, 2021: The day on which the GOP inevitably faced the deadly consequences of a four-year toleration of a demagogue. The day the cretinous, opportunist Republican Party was forced to face the fact that, as JFK once put it, if you want to ride the tiger, you end up in your belly. If you tolerate a president who calls neo-Nazis “very good people”, if you tolerate a president who tweets support for militias trying to invade the Michigan state capitol, if you tolerate a president who does the free press referred to as ‘enemies of the people’, “If you indulge in a president who threatens private individuals, if you release a president who has been charged with overt criminal activity in order to get the Ukrainian government to tarnish a domestic opponent, if you turn a blind eye to a president who repeatedly demands. ” that election officials commit fraud by “finding” him a predetermined number of votes … If, in short, you deal with demagoguery and mob rule (both in the political and criminal sense of the word “mob”), if you are for it decide as a deadly personality cult, these chickens will come home to settle down at some point.

January 6, 2021: As the whole world observed, the U.S. Capitol was occupied at the urging of a president who sought nothing more or less than absolute power. One international leader after another reacted in horror, denouncing this attack on democracy and pressing for the transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden to be completed. This wasn’t just slightly abnormal. It was an event with black swans that was so extraordinary that it shook the world. American democracy has bowed to the breaking point today. And America’s place in the world has been correspondingly devastated.

Trump’s failure in his treacherous acts speaks less to the GOP’s courage – or to law enforcement agencies who stood inscrutable, unforgivable and let the mob run rampant – than to the sheer ineptitude of these gang of traitors. It turns out that this ragged gang of madmen, thugs, thugs, conspirators, fascists, and Confederate nostalgics couldn’t organize a piss in a brewery or a coup in a Capitol.

As thousands of people raged through this Capitol, Trump first poked them, then refused for hours to activate the National Guard, and then reluctantly asked his mob to “go home” while also praising the insurgents – they said loved her – because he defended him and complained about what he called a “stolen election”.


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