The Habit Of Giving Children A Phone To keep Them Calm Can Make Them More Angry; Good At keeping Away From it

You need to be vigilant when also holding your smartphone to convince your kids and keep them calm. Research by American scientists on smartphones and the behavior of children from 2 to 3 years old is surprising. Researchers say the habit of giving children phones can anger them.

This is how the investigation took place

According to scientists, watching cartoons on smartphones was monitored for the behavior of children between the ages of 2 and 3. Parents were also asked how much their children use smartphones. Which of the TVs, video games, tablets and smartphones do they use so often?

Survey results surprised

According to the researchers, when the parents were given gadgets to stop their anger when the gadgets were taken from them, the anger increased more than before. Research indicates that the situation can worsen if children observe such behavior for a long time.

The habit of giving children a phone to keep

Scientists advise to keep the child away from gadgets
Researchers have proposed a strategy to keep children away from gadgets so that the child doesn’t write angry behavior in a public place. Don’t show audio and video on the phone to control children’s emotions, says Brigham Young University researcher Sarah Koen.

Let children use the smartphone

According to the guidelines of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, you should not give gadgets to a child under 18 months. Do not allow children aged 2 to 5 to use gadgets for more than an hour a day. Parents should pay attention to the things children see. Keep them away from gadgets while eating and traveling.

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