The identity of Playstation: the alien, the Rubius

The identity of Playstation: the alien, the Rubius

Sony kicks off the new generation by connecting to everything that stands out on the Internet, as well as paying tribute to its history.

When Playstation arrived as a new contender in the world of consoles, a lot changed. Especially in the shapes. Nintendo and SEGA had battled for years with ads focused on power, on the melee equation. These games are not for kids, some said. These are impossible on any other console, others said. They even made tables with specifications that we barely understood. And Sony arrived. And we were planted by an alien girl on televisions. We didn’t understand it either, but it attracted attention. A lot of.

With Playstation, Sony introduced a much more mature advertising and marketing concept. He no longer paid attention to standing out with a game, compared to the game next to it. Because Playstation next door didn’t want to go to the public. I wanted to open horizons. There is no doubt that Sony’s experience in other sectors, such as music, has contributed to a different discourse than we were used to.

That language, that type of message, has evolved. And this week, with the launch of PS5, Sony’s biggest investment we’ve seen in a short film called Unlimited Access. Regardless of what the proposal likes or dislikes, the truth is that in the same way Sony knew how to reach young audiences in 94, in 2020 the company has chosen the two keywords in the internet age: reach (reach) and visibility. El Rubius, Grefg, WillyRex, Mangel and Ibai have more than 70 million subscribers on YouTube. And despite that, and while it does, there are millions who will see that video and not even know who they are. That is why there are also Pedrerol, Broncano, Joaquín Reyes, Santiago Segura or Michelle Jenner, among others. To many it seems like a genius. For others, version 2.0 of the Campofrío ad. But the impact is undeniable. Another problem is so much hype for so little console in store, but this is a long-distance race and the claim, another boost to a desired purchase, especially when there is a shortage.

Visibility and reach: These were the two goals of the PS5 campaign. But the real revolution is presented by a beautiful robot pre-installed in the console

Sony wants everyone, digital and analog, to know that the PS5 has arrived. Just as it drew a wider audience in 1994, here it reinforces the strategy. And drop some stumbling blocks from the past. From the generation it starts when we say it from PS3 to what a PS5 will send to you. And here comes the identity forged in 26 years: Astro’s Playroom.

A lot of times we talk about that beyond numbers and power, that what seemed to be the only really important thing in the 1990s that defines generations of consoles is what they give us. And PS5, lagging behind its competitor in number and features, is presented with Astro’s Playroom integrated into the console as an essential experience to meet the truly new generation: the DualSense. At home they didn’t believe me when I said you could see on the controller that it was raining at one stage of the game. Until they took it and checked it. Or that the triggers were attracted, depending on the situations. Or that the sound also moves to one side and the other side of the controller.

But Astro’s Playroom is also a tribute to the identity of Playstation. A wonderful journey in which we feel that we are facing something unique because of the assignment, while we look back on a story that we often do not remember. The constant winks that defined the console (Devil May Cry, The last of Us, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Medievil, Siren, Final Fantasy VII, Silent Hill 2 …), the discoveries in the form of artifacts (I have don’t even remember the mouse published over twenty years ago or the PSP Go) and a mural that we are building that depicts the company’s history. From the first PSX to the last. With your controls. Your accessories. All with great taste, aware that yes, it will never be as veteran as other historical ones, but at the same time show off its legacy just as important as others to millions of players.

Via Astro we enter the generation with the DualSense, we remember where we come from – the final boss is a real hoot – and we honor five generations of desktop consoles. Sony’s identity is this too. If you ask me if I’d rather have Rubius explain the controller’s benefits or if it’s Astro Bot, I’ll take the second. Because just like in 94, Sony has understood that power is already presupposed and that the new generation is arriving for what we can feel. And Astro’s Playroom is the way to do that. Above Rubius, Grefg and Pedrerol.


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